And What Next...
And What Next...

August 28, 2005

Have you heard the latest howl?

Hello again to Sissy's Blog Friends!!

Did you read Sissy's post below? I might be moving back in with her! Even though I will miss this crazy house, I sure hope it works out for me to move back with her. Do you think her sister will be OK with it all? I don't want to make her feel bad.

Until I can find out more, can I hitch a ride with someone to McDonalds? I would really like to get a McDonalds Breakfast Platter!!!!

Until next time, Yip and a lick!!! Kiki

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August 18, 2005

If you see her....

Hello Human Blog Friends of Sissy!

I am getting used to Phoenix, but I miss chasing the bugs in my old place. This new house has more people in it and gets crazy at times. If you see Sissy, tell her I miss her and give her a lick for me!

Love and Yips, Kiki

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August 08, 2005

Let's Make Things a Little Bit Worse

It sucks enough that I have to send Kiki to my dad's.

But now, I can't even find a place to ship her because of the heat! They have a rule that they won't ship to a place that's over 85 degrees during arrival. Why does my dad have to live in Phoenix? I've checked the weather, even at night it doesn't get below 85.

I leave Monday for Kansas City for a week. The timing on this sucks. And trust me, I was not the one to put myself in this predicament.

I've searched flights for me going to Phoenix with her, but we are looking at $800 at this late of notice. And that's just money I do not have.

I'm hoping this can't get any worse...

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August 07, 2005

This Is Going to Be Tough

I woke up this morning to Kiki laying on her pillow at my side. It was so comforting to know she was there. She may be small and just a dog, but she makes me feel safe and not alone.

We went outside and I opened the truck door for her where she excitedly jumped into the drivers seat and then hopped into the passenger seat. She knows the drill!

We went to go get breakfast. She got a McDonalds Breakfast Platter; egg, sausage, hashbrown and a biscuit. It'll last her all day.

We came home and I ate my breakfast as she ate hers. Then it's our lazy Sunday time. Lay on the couch with her laying on my back or on the back of the couch....but she's there.

This is going to be the last Sunday we'll get to do this.

In one week, I have to send her to my dad's in Phoenix....permanently. With my travels and my mom refusing to watch her (for no apparent reason), it's what's best for Kiki.

But it hurts like hell!!

I already have to leave out of Atlanta on Monday the 15th. And Atlanta is the closest airport that they will "ship" pets. So, depending on flight schedules, she will be flying on Continental either Sunday or Monday evening to Phoenix. They have a rule, when shipping pets to Phoenix, that they must arrive after 9pm due to the heat.

I'm looking for the logic in this. I travel a lot. I won't have to worry about rushing home from work to let her out. I won't have puppy pads spread through the department for when I do stay late at work. No huge boarding fees.

But, ya just doesn't seem worth it! I would much rather keep her and deal with all of that.

Next weekend is going to be hard!

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August 05, 2005


All the good news had to end sometime!

As I was in the airport, waiting for my departure, I got a call from my mom. I started telling her about all the travel I will be doing the next 2-4 months.

Right now, it looks like this:

August 15th – 19th going to Kansas City, MO
August 22nd – 26th going to Columbia, MO
August 29th – 31st home
September 5th – for 3 weeks…training a new launch of products who knows where (might be near my home…might not)
Last week of September, it’s back to The Belly Button of America.

October will include some possible travel, but nothing set in stone as of yet.

And I will be going back to the Belly Button again in November.

This is all flight travel! It doesn’t even include some of the travel I might be doing by driving throughout my territory.

So this is where we run into a problem. Kiki! She has been staying at my mom’s for the past 4 weeks. Kiki loves it there and gets lots of loving. When I mentioned all the travel I will be doing, my mom asked, “What are you doing to do with Kiki?”

Well, by that question, I’m assuming she’s not staying with her. She has never told me there was an issue having Kiki stay with them. It was always offered.

She asked if my dad would take Kiki. My dad lives in Arizona…if Kiki goes there, she’s staying there. My 7 year old sis would grow attached and it would break her heart for me to take Kiki back later.

Kenneling gets very expensive and is just not fair to Kiki. Nor is attempting to bring her with me (not to mention I couldn’t afford it) I don’t know anyone in Columbia yet that would be willing to help out. And it’s also not fair to Kiki that I am going to be gone so much.

So, I don’t know what to do. I look like a fool here in the airport, crying because I think I might have to get rid of my dog. I’ve had her for 2 ½ years since she was a baby and she’s the best dog anyone could ask for! Her and I have been through a lot together and I can’t imagine going along without her!

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July 03, 2005

It's Quiet Here

I came home today from my mom's and Kiki wasn't there jumping at the door to get in. She wasn't inside anxious for me to open the door to give her some love.

She's at my moms. And I hate it!

I'm traveling A LOT this month. So much that it was going to be difficult for me to drive down there each weekend to drop her off or pick her up. So she will be there until the end of the first week in August. I don't like it!

It's very lonely here without her.

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June 27, 2005

The Hall of Pee

I love Kiki! With all my heart. I'm mean, just look at that face in the top left of the page!

Well, she's a little priss! Throughout the 2 1/2 years I have had her, we have moved a bit. So, potty training has been interesting.

She knows she needs to go outside. But mommy has such an odd schedule, that's not always possible. So, since she was very young, we have used puppy pads. They're like flat diapers that she does her business on.

Sure, it's not the most attractive thing, but it's better than on the carpet! And I don't have these out when I have company.

She'll usually try to tell me when she has to go. She basically just irritates the hell out of me and won't leave me alone until I let her out. But there are sometimes, she just doesn't bug me enough to where I realize what she wants.

The puppy pads are in the living room, in front of the wall unit. She WILL.NOT use the bathroom in front of me. So, if I don't let her out, she finds a place to go!

And it's a specific place! It's the hallway in front of my bedroom and bathroom door. This is her private bathroom sanctuary.

Meanwhile, when I get up to go to the other room, guess what I run into??

Needless to say, some carpet cleaning needs to be done. That will be done this week. Meanwhile, I put up a baby gate to the hallway. So Kiki is going to have to jump the gate or make sure she let's me know!

The worst thing about having a can't train them to use the toilet!

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