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And What Next...

December 21, 2006

Proud Parent

So, I have been disowned by my blog children.

You must go read each of their answers to the Christmas Meme.

*wipes tear* I'm proud! And in tears I'm laughing so hard!

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November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Spurs

Today is my blogson, Spurs' birthday.

I figured I'd get him what I got him last year...


In addition to a few other gifts...





Oops, sorry, I must have got that last one for me!

Happy Birthday!

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July 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Napster

Today is my dear friend, Napster's birthday!

I feel kinda guilty because Spurs and Napster celebrated my birthday for about 10 days!! So, I guess I must do the same...

...bring on the vodka!! :)

Happy Birthday Napster! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day full of Lynkin pooping outside, Spurs keeping the gas to a minimum and plenty of beer in the fridge!

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July 09, 2006

Happy Birthday T1G

T1G is one of my favorite dudes and he's having a birthday today!

The celebration is here, but I left his gift below.

Happy Birthday T1G!

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January 31, 2006

I Want To Join the Bad Example Clan Because

  • I like posts with long titles
  • I'm a follower
  • I LOVE updating my freaking sidebars with more blogrolls and pictures
  • A lot of things rhyme with Clan
  • There are still just a few more Bad Example men that don't wear kilts...might as well get them all!
  • it more than sounds dirty, it IS dirty!


    Think I've lost my mind? Go see my Blogpa for an explanation of my corruption.

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  • January 25, 2006

    Proud of the Fart Ninja

    A few days ago, blogson Spurs posted here the following:

    Here is the quote of the week from the house of Spurs and Napster - guess who said it....

    "Why would I get out of a perfectly warm bed just to fart in a cold bathroom?"

    You must check out the comments, very funny!

    But then there is a follow up from the Fart Ninja herself!

    What I got out of it was that you know you are with the right one when you can fart in front of them.....

    ...maybe that's why I'm single??

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    November 29, 2005

    Happy Birthday Spurs!!

    Today is my blogson's birthday!

    Napster wrote a great post about him here. And it's all true!

    Spurs is an all around great guy! If we could ever get him to a blogmeet, he'd be the life of the party. This is the kind of guy that could make yard work fun!

    I'm lucky to have Spurs as a friend! So go on and wish him a Happy Birthday and have some drinks for him!

    His present is below....

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    September 14, 2005

    Happy Birthday Harvey!!!

    It's Harvey's Birthday!!

    He has requested something in particular:

    I want pictures of partially-to-completely nude human female breasts.

    Oh, and he has beads!!!!!

    So, I've been searching all day to figure out what to get him!!

    I searched for "rack" and ended up with this...


    I searched for "knockers" and got this...


    I searched for "boob" and got this...

    So finally, I wised up and searched for "chest" and found...

    Mmmm...I like this one....but I don't think Harvey will...

    As a last resort, I tried "breasts", and wound up with this...

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    September 13, 2005

    Where's Tammi???

    Tammi is DSL-less tonight! They told her 24-48 hours! She's going crazy. I've spent the past hour talking her off the roof of the house ;-)

    But man, you should be excited when she comes back online! She's got some stories for you! Let's just say the neighbors and Cody are at it again!!

    Stay tuned and cross your fingers for a quick recovery of her DSL!!

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    September 08, 2005

    Happy Birthday Bou!


    Today, is my blog mom's 40th birthday! Go wish her a happy birthday!! She deserves the best. can take a peek at what I got her in the extended entry...

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    August 31, 2005

    I Say Call Johnny-Oh!!

    Here's another tough one from class! However, this really happened to my instructor. My response to this was, "Call the elevator repair man"

    So, Johnny-Oh, what do we do?? :)

    I had ordered a large magnet from Sweden for my research work. One fine morning, the crate arrived and it was about 5 X 5 X 5 feet and weighed 5000 lbs. My group was so excited to open the crate and look at the magnet that they did not do all the Critical Thinking. They directed the crate to the service elevator, since my lab was on the First floor. The crate barely fit the elevator (capacity 5000 lbs) and the operator pushed the button. To his and our surprise, the elevator instead of going up - went down and hit the stopper - about 3 ft. below the ground level. Now it was stuck in that weird position - not going anywhere! I had to think of something before the Lab director arrived. It was a brand new building and me and my crew had blocked the service elevator! May be ruined it! And my key equipment was stuck in the elevator! I knew, I was in hot water. What do you think I did to get out of that mess?

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    My blogchildren Spurs & Napster are away for business.

    Go tell them what they'll need for a good homecoming!

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    July 31, 2005

    Hangin' with my Spawn

    Didn't see much of Spurs, Napster, or myself last night?

    That's because we were out drinking it up in the belly button of America!

    Ended up at a country bar. Napster got me on the dance floor....that means I was drunk.

    "Sissy is drunk" verb/ = 1. Sissy is dancing. 2. Sissy is singing. 3. Sissy is talking/flirting with random people. 4. Sissy is telling stuff about herself that she really shouldn't.

    The definitions go on!

    I tell ya, you can't have more fun then hanging out with these two! Had Morrigan to the picture, and you are having the time of your life!

    All I can say is I wish I would have been a little less drunk to borrow TNT's quote pen! Oh the things these kids come up with! I'm so proud! You know you have good blogspawn when they make you a to-go cup for the ride!

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    July 29, 2005

    Happy Birthday Napster!!!

    Happy Birthday Napster!!!

    Today is Spur's wife and my great friend, Napster's birthday!

    Although I can't be with her today, (and after this post I DON'T WANNA BE THERE!! ;-) ), I decided I'd post one of her birthday presents below!

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day and I can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

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    » Custos Honor links with: They Made One For Guys Too

    July 28, 2005

    Happy Birthday Tammi!!!


    I tripled the candles on the cake so we could get the firemen over here for you! You get first dibs!

    I hope you have an absolutely WONDERFUL birthday!! You deserve the very best!

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    July 18, 2005


    Blogmom Bou is considering getting the boys a dog.

    Everyone is leaving their advice in her comments. I had to make mine a seperate post.

    Adopt vs. Buy

    I've always been one to adopt. There are so many dogs out there that have been left without a home. Good dogs! Especially since the war started, dogs are just being let go to survive on their own or brought to an animal shelter. There is an animal shelter in Hinesville, GA (big Army base) that if they find a dog without a collar, it only get's to stay for 3 days. If the dog has a collar, 10 days. Otherwise, they are euthanzied. It's very sad.

    I adopted Kiki. She was 2 months old and was found on the side of a highway. There *are* good dogs at the shelter.

    From what I've read and experienced, mixed dogs/mutts are better behaved and have less health problems.

    Female vs. Male. For years, we always got male dogs because of what we had heard about females being more aggressive. My issue with male dogs? I get grossed out when they get "excited" and their thingy pokes out. Female dogs...get them spayed as soon as you can (6 weeks old). Then you don't have to put up with them being in heat and they don't get the chance to be aggressive.

    Small dog vs. Big dog. I always had medium/large dogs growing up. I thought the small little dogs were obnoxious! I still agree with that to a point. I lucked out big time with Kiki. She thinks she's a big dog but fits in your lap! She likes to play and she likes to be loved. No bitchiness. So keep in mind whether it's going to be an indoor/outdoor dog (and then don't tell me if you are going to leave it outside 24/7). Depends on the size of your home.

    If I could have more dogs, I would. I hate the fact that there are great dogs sitting at the shelter that would be loyal family members that may die if someone doesn't come along within 3-10 days!

    For Bou and fam, my first suggestion is a Golden Retriever like dog. My dad has one. He is great with my little sister and all the other kids, was very easy to train and is all about giving love. In my experience, they don't get really hyper like some other dogs. Downside? They are large dogs that shed. They need to be walked and/or have plenty of room to run in a yard.

    So it all depends on the family dynamic, what kind of "personality" traits you want, and what size poop you are willing to pick up!

    I'll have to write a whole other post on bringing the puppy/dog home and starting training.

    To anyone else considering getting a dog or more dogs. All I can say is ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT!!!

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    July 13, 2005

    ArmyWife's Birthday


    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!

    I tried to get you some "fun" presents to post for your birthday, but I'm on a business trip and only have my work laptop....I'm in internet jail!

    Happy Birthday my fellow Cancer!!

    Everyone, go wish ArmyWife a Happy Birthday

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    June 25, 2005

    A Celebration - Bad Example Style

    Let the celebration commence!! Spurs' place is ready for their return!

    Go on and take the tour!

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    June 24, 2005

    Redecorating at Pull My Finger

    So I thought I would do something nice for my dear son Spurs while he's away getting hitched. A wedding present from his blog family.

    But, this won't come without some torture first!

    I'm going to be working on his site to help him with blogrolling, a banner, and anything else you all might thing would be nice to add. He's been wanting stuff and I've been a lazy blog mom!

    I'll save the template so he can have it when he get's back. However, the published template will be a different story! Some others have already left some comments at his place of how we should redecorate.

    Machelle has suggested pink curtains and a gay weather pixie. Do you mean more gay than the one he already has up there?

    Harvey has suggested a background color that's sure to shock.

    So, here's your mission, if you choose to accept it! Leave comments here or there on what we should do to the joint.

    We'll consider this like tying cans to the back of his car, writing stuff in soap, condoms on the gear shift and toilet paper wrapping his car.

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    June 23, 2005

    Spurs & Napster Wedding Update

    Check out the Spurs & Napster Wedding Update #1 at Pull My Finger!!

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    June 21, 2005

    Toys for Harvey

    Bloggrandpa Harvey is celebrating his 2 year blogiversary and asked for toys!

    Happy Blogiversary Harvey!

    I'm sure Harvey is on some toy of the month club, so I was having a hard time finding something he didn't have.

    I kept the receipts Harvey....but they've gotta be unused!

    Unwrap 'em...

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    June 16, 2005

    They Grow Up So Fast!!

    Blogson Spurs and one of my dearest friends, Napster, are going to Vegas next weekend to get hitched by Elvis.

    I'm so jealous! I'm jealous that they are going to have a great time and so many memories. I'm jealous that they are going to be in Vegas. I'm jealous that Spurs doesn't have to come to work for a couple of days. I'm jealous that there is a slight possibility that they may hit the mega jackpot where Spurs may start doing this at work!

    And most of all, I'm jealous that they have found two of the most wonderful people in each other that I have ever met.

    Ok, cut all the seriously...

    If you could see Spurs and Napster together, they are a great example of what love is. You can tell just how much they enjoy just being around eachother...even in Kill Me, TX! :) I love Spurs' way of to live, don't live to work. He's dedicated to making Napster very happy! And she, the same!

    And on a less serious note, I'm impressed that Napster is dedicated to put up with all of Spur's crazy antics...which is why she has set up ground rules for their trip to Texas.

    I'm sure we'll see video floating around the internet!

    So go over and wish Spurs and Napster fun, luck, love and happiness and I'm taking bets on how many of her rules for Vegas Spurs will break!

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    May 27, 2005

    A Baby Boy is Born

    Born and kicked out of the house!

    Spurs found a great place at Pull My Finger. *Sniffle-tear* I'm so proud!

    Spurs conned Napster into creating the place and putting all the cool stuff on there. So the place will still be in the middle of renovation this weekend, but he will now be living out of his own home!

    He's even done some cat blogging already - with pictures! And Haloscan is coming this weekend! My son is special!

    So go welcome him like the rowdy Bad Example Family & Neighbors you are!

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