And What Next...
And What Next...

February 06, 2007


It's been awhile, I should probably post something.

Well, it looks like I just did.

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January 25, 2007

100,000 Visitors

I'm only about 200 visitors away from hitting 100,000. I'm also 3 weeks away from my 2 year blogiversary. I thought it'd be cool if they both hit on the same day, but that's not going to happen.....

But anyway, I'm guessing tomorrow or Saturday. Now, I won't be giving out cool prizes like T1G, but they'll be sure to get a little linky love.

UPDATE 1/27/07

Someone from Balzan, Malta searching for KARNIVAL TOYS BOY was my 100,000 visitor. Hmmm, I doubt they found what they were looking for.

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October 18, 2006

Inappropriate Touching, Deliverance, Chocolate Vodka and Backyard Camping

Where to start?

There are many posts around the blogosphere describing the events of this past weekend. Hysteric at Eric's was right!

First of all, if you get the opportunity to go on a road trip with Bou and Morrigan, take it. Be prepared to cry from laughter. Men, old stories, life theories, men, junk food, Cosmo quizes, men...yea, it went something like that.

Eric is the ultimate host. Plenty of good people, good food and good drinks. But let me tell you, if he ever tells you to look directly in his eyes, make sure someone else has their eyes on his hands ;-)

And Mrs. SWG is a trooper! Working all day and then drinking with the rest of us all night. All while watching her house be attacked by rockets and bloggers.

Morrigan and I made the run Friday night to the Mexican restaurant to pick up $150 worth of Mexican food. One of the employees offered to bring the large box of food to my truck. Funny how his tip went from $5 to $10 when he started showing those muscles!

I finally got to meet CalTechGirl after one failed attempt while I was in Cali. She still must be recovering as she has yet to post on the event. I passed down the infamous horn hat as she, this time, was the one that traveled the furthest. I'm glad she made the trip!

T1G and I started sharing drunken stories until I made him cry with my last one. However, Morrigan felt it necessary to tell the sober side of the story to everyone.

I never heard the end of it. Especially from Zonker who kept trying to push the Jager on me for a reinactment. Yea, wasn't happening.

Speaking of nasty alcohol...

You know Bou's chocolate addiction? Well, it seems that if it taste like chocolate...she'll try it. She can tell you the rest...

Yabu was a trip. He certainly isn't shy, that one.

Saturday morning, before breakfast, I told Bou and Morrigan that I had to sleep with the TV on because of how loud the snoring was in the room next to me. I won't name any names.

Speaking of RSM& T1G, just like last year, RSM had prior engagements that caused him to leave early. I think it was just because he couldn't smooth talk himself into another room for the 2nd night and didn't want to camp out in the cold. :)

Yes, camping out in the cold. Dax came prepared with blankets, sleeping bags, a 10 man tent and a guitar. Dax seems to have a lot of dirt on a lot of the bloggers there that night. Wow, the stories were flying!

Another man with many stories, Velociman. All I can say is this man has a great chemistry with monkeys. I may never be able to go to the zoo without having nightmares of what I saw!

I always enjoy getting to see Denny. Man, can he play the guitar (and the kazoo - despite Eric's poor kazoo timing). I could sit there and listen to him and Jimbo play for hours. Which we did.

I got to see Teresa again, after 2 years. I was so glad she was able to make it, even for a short while. She's always fun to chat with.

Johnny-Oh was there again. I thought for a moment that there might be the need for an ambulance as I watched out the window, Johnny-Oh climbing the ladder onto Eric's house. Scary.

Speaking of scary, I believe there was a moment when Eric handed Redneck his NCO sword. I just knew someone was going to get hurt or there might be some huntin' out in the back with that thing.

And I finally got to meet Ellison and his beautiful wife. Ellison wrote a beautiful song for Eric's birthday that summed up the weekend very nicely. He also happened to be the man with the camera for the weekend. So, I am worried about what pictures might surface in the next few days.

And I believe one of my favorite lines of the weekend was at the Pumkin Festival when Ellison's wife, SWMBO paused and said, "Is that music from the Deliverance?" And it was. A family of 4 on the back of a druck with their banjos and guitars for the whole big town to see. Between that and the 2 day old pig, I believe it was a successful festival.

I hope that's everyone. I feel like I might be forgetting someone, and if I am, I am terribly sorry...blame it on the chocolate vodka!

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August 09, 2006

License Plate Contest

In an attempt to feel more grounded, stable and permanent, I am quickly getting everything switched over from Arizona to Georgia.

This means a new license plate!

And I want it personalized! But I don't have a creative bone in my body.

So we are going to have a contest:

The Rules: (as per the state of Georgia)

Must be 7 letters or numbers including spaces

Must document a meaning and cannot be offensive, profane or defamatory (and no, they won't buy that 69 was my birth year)

I'll be announcing a winner Sunday Evening!

The winner's prize will be posted Sunday Evening and will be picked out specifically for the winner!

This could get interesting...

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July 06, 2006


What happens when you don't post!

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June 17, 2006

Belated Blog Birthday

I'm such a bad blogmother!

My Blogchildren Spurs & Napster turned 1 this past May. I don't even think they realized it as there was no 1 year celebration post!

Well, they don't get off that easy! Go bug them, congratulate them, or tease them....whatever floats your boat!

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May 18, 2006

Sucky Comments

I give up!!

I promise I'm not as rude as I seem! I've tried to leave comments at many sites, and can't! And I'm getting fricken tired of it!

I get random errors. Nothing telling me that what I've written is wrong...just telling me an error.

Some sites work, some sites don't. And I can read others' comments, so it's not happening to everyone.

But it's starting to piss me off!

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April 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Prochein Amy

Today is Amy's birthday. And she has a beautiful quote here on how she feels.


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February 14, 2006

One Year Already!

Today is my 1 year Blogiversary! One year today I started off at Blogger with this stinky post.

I got addicted by reading my now Blog Mom Boudicca. She's funny as hell. I would cry from laughing so much after reading one of her posts. Her sister, Morrigan, is the one that got me addicted to reading Bou's site.

This spun off into something I never even imagined it would be. My first comments were from my now blogson Spurs, my friend Morrigan, my blogmom Bou, Ogre, and Jody.

In May of 2005, I was able to move over to the wonderful world of MuNu! The wonderful Prochein Amy helped me decorated and set up this whole place!

I have spawned two blog children myself, Spurs & Napster who happen to be married in real life! :) I have witnessed the births and even some of the conceptions of many Bad Example Family members! Scary!

I have also had the pleasure of meeting 28 different bloggers and 2 blogmeets and/or town visits.

I've gone through the times where I've written the post that I'm quitting. In fact, I still have it in draft mode. I've also gone through times where I thought I would go crazy if I couldn't blog.

I've given up on triple checking for grammar, spelling and just the making of sense! I came to the conclusion early that I do this for me, and just me!

It's been a year! An amazing year! And hopefully here's to many more!

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February 02, 2006

Gotta Have Him

Basil has to be part of the clan!! He just has to be. He's done the first step here.

If it wasn't for Basil's daily Headline News, I'd never know what was going on in the world. And if it wasn't for his "Meal" posts, I'd never know what was going on in the blogosphere!

So he is definitely a necessity to the clan! Plus, I think more men should wear kilts!

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January 30, 2006

The Blogosphere's Pickiest Eater Contest

(It only sounds dirty!) ;-)

Over at Ogre's he had a picture of his lunch that made me want to throw up.

In the comments, someone challenged me of my title of the World's Pickiest Eater. Echo Zoe thinks he is...but I beg to differ.

Seriously, those that know me, speak up how big of a pain it is to go out to eat or make something to eat with me.

Just a short list of stuff I will absolutely not eat, whether I can taste it or not:

Ketchup (except I will sometimes dip my french fries in it if it's cold)
Any type of Salad Dressing
Sour Cream
Cream Cheese
Any odd types of cheeses (other than Cheddar, American, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, etc)
Ricotta will make me throw up (just ask my 1st boyfriend's parents!)

It is probably easier to list the vegetables I WILL eat vs. the one's I won't:

Corn (is that a vegetable?)
Potatoes (same question!)

Fruits? I may be a little more adventurous here:

Golden or Fuji Apples (that's it)
Green or Red seedless grapes
Seedless Watermelon (no seeds!)

I don't eat ANY seafood. Nada! Gross!

I don't like common foods such as:

Buffalo Wings
Cheese Cake
Strawberry Ice Cream
Coffee Flavored Stuff
Banana Flavored Stuff
Cherry Flavored Stuff
Any type of nuts
Sour Cream and Onion Chips
Salt and Vinegar Chips
Ranch Chips
Corn beef
Eggs (unless they are scrambled hard with cheese)

And there are so many more that I cannot even think of! I'm sure others that know me will chime in!

So, if Echo Zoe is in fact pickier than I am, he must be hooked up to an IV and a rail!

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January 24, 2006


So I hit 40,000 visitors someone searching for a Wal-Mart in Ft. Drum. I was on the 7th page of his search. Not quite sure why my site looked like it might have information on Wal-Mart at some Ft Drum.

I was hoping to hit 50,000 on my 1 year blog anniversary in 22 days (Feb 15th). Unless I start giving away tickets to the Superbowl, posting pictures from our past Bad Example comment parties, or put up a virtual bar....I don't see that one happening.

But that gives me the excuse for two for my blog birthday and one for hitting 50,000. Good times!

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December 18, 2005

My Interview

Want to read the weird random questions you all asked and my answers?

Go see Basil!

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December 05, 2005

Bring On The Questions!

My interview at Basil's has been pushed up so it's time to bring on the questions!

You have until 12/17 to email Basil any questions you have.

This should be interesting...

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November 23, 2005

30,000 with This!

I hit 30,000 today and wasn't even around to celebrate!

Although, I find it humorous that what got me the 30,000 hit was a guy in Russia searching for this...

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November 18, 2005

Bloggers I've Met Updated

The Bloggers I've Met section is now updated with the most recent blogmeet.

If I've forgotten anyone, the spelling is bad, I screwed something up or forgot's a mixture of being drunk and on dial-up....a dangerous mix!

I'm assuming I shouldn't attempt to do any school work, calling or text messaging at this matter how tempting it is!

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November 02, 2005

To Think, I Almost Didn't Go! Part I

Things are busy! I am working 12-13 hours a day, 6 days a week. I have a social life. I am living out of suitcases and sleeping on an air mattress. I’m looking for a house. Any spare moment I get, I need! I almost didn’t go to Tennessee.

Then, I was sick. I felt like I was coming down with the flu! I almost took it as a sign that I should stay behind. Instead, I crossed the border to Mexico to get some Ampicillin and Naproxen to fight this bug! Along with Benadryl and Airborne, I was either going to kill it or piss it off!

Not to mention I was dreading my trip to get to TN considering all the travel I have done in the recent months. I had to drive 3 hours to Phoenix, wake up at 4:30 am to go to the airport, fly to Houston, fly to Atlanta, take the Marta to Morrigan’s work. This was just to get to Atlanta….

….It was worth it!

It started off great with a beautiful drive with Bou and Morrigan through Northern Georgia and Tenneessee. The leaves were changing, the sky was clear and the car was full of laughs! I was so very happy!

We stopped at Ed’s World of Concrete. Bou has the FULL STORY, while I have the picture!


Then we got to our destination. This technology dependent girl was in a town with no wireless phone service! I will admit I was scared! I was going to meet all these people I didn’t know, possibly hadn’t read and who had no idea who I was. I was the youngest person there and possibly the quietest….WITH.NO.PHONE!

I should have known better! I met some of the best people! The first evening Tammi took over the kitchen and made her blog famous Mexican Manicotti. They were devoured! Eric had a great fire going out back. I am afraid Morrigan and I hogged the fire as it was freaking cold! I am still surprised how neither of us were caught on fire by flying embers, that’s how close we were!

Then the music and warmth of the house called us in. This is where some of the guys played guitar for us. I could have listened to these guys all night! And who would have known that we had a great kazoo player!

We made it an early night to rest up for the next day’s events.

Part II coming soon....

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October 11, 2005

The Blogosphere is Coming to an End!!

You can understand my surprise when I received an email from Sissy Willis:

Hey, little gal . . .

Don't know what's going on, but your blog is currently #1 -- above InstaPundit -- in the Ecosystem.



But I got proof....

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October 03, 2005

Why doesn't someone plug it in?

...I just don't understand! Bou and Sticks brought this over and just left it in the box. I had to open it since it goes so well with the rest of the decor....

Plug it in!

Now I need help figuring out where to put it. Any suggestions?

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September 27, 2005

Battle of the Weather Pixies

Since I am moving to Arizona this week, it seems my Weather Pixie is already acclamated to that weather! She's been wearing a bikini almost daily until about 9pm their time and then she'll jump into some jeans and a tank top. Yes, it is still 100 degrees out there during the day and ends up in the high 70's a night. Ah, desert weather!

Well, Tammi's weather pixie is already in jeans and a jacket! We may empathize with her cold misery but I'm not sure too many of the Bad Example men are going to be oogling her weather pixie in a parka!

Bou's weather pixie is more covered up as of late! Although it's still hot and humid down there, a skirt and a sleeveless shirt is still appropriate. No scandalous weather pixie at Bou's anymore!

Even my blog children Spurs & Napster's weather whore pixie is teasing everyone in jeans! And they are in Texas!

So, I made the sacrifice to move to the left armpit of America where you wear shorts all year round so you all will have a weather pixie showing skin all year long!

Man, what I do for the family! ;-)

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September 21, 2005

Basil's Interviews

Basil is asking for volunteers for interviews!

I volunteered. What the hell?!?

Have some questions? Ask Your Questions Here!!

Want to be interviewed? Let Basil Know!

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September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

Want to see what companies are doing for disaster relief?

GO HERE to see a list of companies and what they are doing.

Phin is auctioning off TWO Blog Makeovers. The Blog Design (and some additional maintenance) will be done by the Blog Design Gods of Apothegm Designs. Pixy Mesa is offering free hosting*. The proceeds will go to The American Red Cross or a charity of the winner's choice.

Go on over and start bidding!


I feel like a dummy! For some reason, I thought this was going on for a few days (I can't read). So, the auction is over! But, still go over and check out getting your blog pimped and how to donate to the red cross!

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September 01, 2005

I Love Google Bar

I Love the Google Tool Bar! It has spell check now!

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August 20, 2005

Let's Bring Her Over!!!

Blog city is restricting Amy's creativity! That should be a crime!

Let's see if we can bring her over to the darkside Munuviana! Go give her a Yay!

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August 14, 2005

Meeting Bloggers

After tons of schedule confusion on my part, I was finally able to meet Songstress and her Hubby of News From The Great Beyond.

We went to dinner at Kona Grill, a place they were enthused to try after hearing it on the radio.

The food was delicious. I was adventurous and tried a noodle dish that I surprisingly liked! Songstress also ordered fish while Hubby ordered different types of sushi rolls. I wasn't feeling *that* adventurous :)

These two are a very sweet couple! They told intriguing stories of how they met, were engaged and married. Wonderful stories!

He had me cracking up the whole night with great wise cracks here and there!

Then, unfortunately, the evening had to end as I had my family waiting on me after a short 2 hour meeting.

But, I am glad I went and glad to know they are here each time I come to Phoenix!

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August 09, 2005

I Need Help

Shush Spurs! Not THAT kind of help!

With things starting to pick up, I'm afraid something has to go.

Word of the Week will continue. I have too much fun with it! However, I do need some Word of the Week spies. If you see someone use the Word of the Week and they don't trackback...leave a comment with who the lazy person is. I'll be sure to put a lil somethin' special under your pillow.

As for Tardsday...this one may have to take a backseat for a little while. Which is a shame because there are so many tards in the world! I will try to throw one in here and there...but it unfortunately won't be weekly. Feel free to post them on your blog and I will link to them!

Finally, I need someone to write my school papers for me. I know it's a lot to ask, but there's just so much to do.

Huh? It IS too much to ask? I've asked too many favors?

Damn....I should prioritize what I'm going to say before I say it! :)

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July 30, 2005

All Wireless

So my blogmom hates her wireless keyboard. But it was a gift, and she uses it.

Me, on the other hand, LOVES WIRELESS!

I have wireless internet, allowing me to take my laptop anywhere in the house and blog!

A wireless keyboard, allowing me to sit comfortably and blog.

A wireless mouse, allowing me to relax and blog surf.

I had purchased a wireless print server so my printer would be wireless. But alas, it's not compatiable with my printer. Maybe next time!

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July 27, 2005

Video Hosting

We all know about the great Image Shack>for free image hosting and Harvey's image hosting tips.

Well, now we have FREE VIDEO HOSTING at Zippy Videos. So far, like Image Shack, I see no catches. VERY easy to use, it's free, doesn't even make you link to them. It does allow others to randomly see your video so keep your sex tapes out of there - unless you are wanting to increase traffic to your blog!

See the post here to see an example of the final product.

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July 25, 2005

D for Dumb

I've decided to change Word of the Week to Spelling of the Week.

I don't know what the hell my problem is, but my spelling has been absolutely ridiculous lately. Simple words! I'm not a dumb person. And in the past, I've been great at spelling. What's going on?

My brain is making up it's own language!

I wish there was spellcheck here at munu. And yes I know, type it in Word or Notepad Lite. I'll never learn. For some reason, I just prefer to do it in here.

So I think I will put a spelling warning up on my blog. Rated D for DUMB!

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Isn't It Funny...

Isn't it funny how the quick, couple of sentence posts that you just pull out of your ass surprise you sometimes with more comments then the posts you put thought into?

Or am I the only one? :)

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July 22, 2005

I'm Changing My Name!

I'm #1 when searching for:

sissy maid humiliation training stories stepmom

NICE! For some reason, the name Sissy is associated with weird sexual fantasies, searching for videos and tips.

I'm sure they are dissapointed when the only thing they see is a picture of two lizards mating.

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July 18, 2005


Ladies and Gentlemen (and all you other people) -

That 1 Guy of Drunken Wisdom was #10,000 tonight!

So, your prize?

Read More "AND WE HAVE A WIENER!!!" »

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