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October 31, 2006


My stepmom has arrived to help out this week with my surgery. She brought Kiki and their Golden Retriever, Chance.

We have loads of soup, water, gatorade, ginger ale, and rice. You'd think we were preparing for a disaster.

I bought about 5 magazines, a book and rented 4 movies. I'm scared of boredom.

My last meal, Mexican. Also, hopefully, my last set of pains, heart burn and nausea.

Lil sis was upset that mom would be gone this week. The following took place before she left:

Sis: Why can't daddy go down and take care of Sissy and you stay with me.

SM: If you were having surgery, would you want daddy or mommy to take care of you?

Sis: Ooookay, go take care of Sissy.


So tomorrow is the big day. I'm not worried, but I am a little nervous. Eh, such is life.

Meanwhile, here's who will be taking care of me this week...


And so you understand my state of mind, in the extended entry are quots from my surgery information:

"On the day of surgery, allow plenty of time to get to the hospital: traffic around Piedmont Hospital is generally very congested from about 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM" ~haha, only in Atlanta

"As soon as your operating room is ready, you will be transported to it on a narrow rolling stretcher." ~ not sure why this bothers me....

"After you are in the Operating Room, you will be moved over onto the operating table. You will probably be rather drowsy, but you may be aware of several people arranging instruments and getting the equipment ready for surgery."

"During surgery you are rolled about 30 degrees to the left and the head of the table will be elevated to allow the abdominal contents to move away from the gallbladder.....Wide straps will be placed across your chest and thights to keep you securely in place as the operating table is lifted." ~ Suddenly I'll be at Six Flags

"One of the anesthesia team will ask you to breathe oxygen through a soft facemask for several minutes and then an anesthetic will be injected into your IV. This may cause a slight burning or aching, but this is not something to worry about; it is perfectly normal. The next this you will be aware of is waking up in the PACU." ~ Burning and aching has alwasy be cause to worry before...why not now.

"Once you are sound asleep, a soft plastic tube will be inserted into your trachea and connected to a mechanical venilator" ~ yea, not too happy about this part. Could have lived with out knowing this!

"For the first 12 to 18 hours the pain will probably be more than you expect based on stroies that you may have heard. By the next morning, however, the pain is generally much less, and you too will probably will tell others, 'It really did not hurt that much.' " ~ Heh, I doubt it.

"We will order strong pain pills for you in the hospital....You will be given a prescription for pain medication and are encouraged to use this medication..." ~ Heh, I like this part!

Under Discharge Instructions:

Driving Car: O.K. as soon as you are off narcotics and can brake vigorously (but no sooner than 3 days after surgery).

Sitting in a cramped position in a car, chair or airplane seat: limited to 30 min. at a time for the next 7 days.

.... more stuff....

Sex: cautiously when you feel able and interested (does this mean it's provided?)

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Tequila, Lime & Salt

The final product of the Tequila Bottle, the Lime and the Salt Shaker:

Edit Costumes.JPG

We were a hit. We wore the costumes for 5 minutes. I have a feeling I might be a Salt Shaker again next year. So, I better find my pepper by then or my tequila and lime.

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October 28, 2006

Easy Travels

Front Row Parking at the Airport

Open Check-In Kiosks

Walk Straight Through Security

No one running you over on the way to your gate

A dream you say?

Nope...the luxury of traveling on Saturday!!

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October 27, 2006

Bad Fucking Timing!!

Let me explain how pissed I am, and then we'll celebrate!

Tonight I had plans to go out with a friend of mine. I told her as long as I could see the game; I'd be a happy gal.

So I get all beautified for a night on the town and head out to the bar. We start watching the game and I'm trying to text message others on how the Cardinals are going to kick the Tigers ass. I have a few bets riding on this game.

So, since my text messages aren't going through, I power cycle my phone (take the battery out and put it back in). Once I put the battery back in, the phone just keeps going through the boot mode, and never 100% powers on. It's fried! I hate this phone.

I am addicted to my phone. Seriously, once it started doing this, I went through immediate withdrawal!! I start messing with the phone (I have wireless experience) trying every trick I know to get it to work.

Mind you, I only know a few numbers by heart. For some reason, I know My friend B's, the Bipolar's and Morrigan's. I have no one else's number written down...they are all in my phone. I know, I used to work for a wireless company, very stupid of me!

At this point, I am pissed off. My friend is laughing, talking, having a good time and I am all pissed about my phone. Total withdrawal! Very sad!!

It never ended up working. My Cardinals won the fucking World Series!! I know I have at least 10 messages of people either congratulating me or ragging on me! Fuck! Tomorrow, I will go and port my number to another carrier, that's the only way I will get service quickly (since the phone is through work). But I'm pissed. In the big scheme of things, this isn't that big of a deal. But I am leaving for Kansas City in 12 hours, my Cards just won the World Series, and my phone is fucking fried!

I swear, I can't stand this withdrawal. I am addicted to my phone.

(Side note: I don't have a home phone. My cell is my only means of communication)


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October 26, 2006

Only Me

I got an email yesterday that said the shipment of my Salt Shaker Costume was voided. Not knowing what exactly that meant, I called the place I ordered it from today. He looked up my order and said that the shipment was damaged.

Me: What do you mean the shipment was damaged?

Rep: It says here that we attempted to contact you and that UPS damanged the shipment.

Me: I ordered that 2 weeks ago and no one has contacted me.

Rep: I'm sorry ma'am. And it says here that was our last one, we are sold out.

Me: How damaged is it?

Rep: says here that the UPS truck ran over it.

Ugh! Fuckers!

I've been all over Atlanta today looking for that costume with no luck. I've looked online. Most places are sold out and the ones that have it, I can't get it delivered on Saturday (which is when I'm supposed to wear it).

So I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I'm contemplating trying to make it. The picture doesn't look that difficult.


But if I can't make it, I'm not sure what to go as. I don't know anyone at this part other than the 2 I am going with, and I am not creative one bit!

I swear, this kind of shit only happens to me!


The costume is completed! 3 different sized cross stitch/quilting loops, tons of felt, some costume material. Morrigan and I with 3 hours of time, drinks and hot glue.

Looks great! Will post details and pictures soon.

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October 24, 2006

A Gift for my Blog Mom

A Lexus that parallel parks on it's own for my blog mom Bou who has freely admitted her issues with reverse and parallel marking.


At the touch of a button, the available Advanced Parking Guidance System [1] can parallel park the LS or back into a parking space (not shown) with just a little brake work by the driver. First, position the LS in front of the parking space, then use the navigation screen to select the parallel park icon. After pressing the OK button on the screen, simply remove your hands from the steering wheel and regulate the vehicle’s speed by using the brake. [2]

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Job Fate

I found out tonight, just a few short hours ago, that I should know my job fate in 10 days.

Rumor has it, I will be jobless.

I have been aggressively submitting my resume everywhere I can think of. I'll see a commercial on TV for something and go to their website and submit a resume.

New to Atlanta, buying a house, having surgery....a job would be nice to have.

Now excuse me...I'm back to job searching.

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October 23, 2006

WANTED: Live-In Bug Killer

I really like it here! I do! But there is one thing that I absolutely can't stand and grosses me out royally!

A few nights ago, I went to the bathroom (a small 1/2 bath). As I sat down, I saw in front of me, between me and the sink, a huge palmetto bug. I stopped everything I was doing, and jumped out of there. I HATE them! I'm not sure there is anything I hate more.

I went to the kitchen, grabbed the roach spray, and used about 1/3 of a can on it. As it slowly drowned in the puddle of Raid, it was able to squeeze itself under the cabinet to where I can't get to it. It died, I could still see a little bit of it's leg from underneath. But I wasn't going for him!

I waited several hours and then went in to clean up the puddle of Raid. It's Country Garden scent, or something.

I was very cautious there after using that bathroom. I checked before walking in, checked before sitting. Even left the can of Raid in there until a couple of days ago.

So tonight, I went into the bathroom, and as I turned on the light, I saw another huge ass palmetto bug in the top corner of the bathroom. I let out a small, wimpy, scream and went to fetch the Raid from the kitchen. How are you supposed to kill a bug on the ceiling like that? So I sprayed him, leaving streaks of Raid on the wall, he fell and ran! Another 1/3 can of Raid gone as he shriveled up in the pool of Raid. I'm going to leave him in there a little bit to dry up and until I get the balls to remove him.

I can't handle this! Seriously! Out of all rooms, why the smallest room? What MY house? Eh! They are disgusting!

I may put an ad out for a live-in bug killer!

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Where's the Salt?

This weekend, I am off to Kansas City. I have a Chiefs game to go to as well as a Halloween party.

Before it was even known that I would be at this party, the two I am going with had decided to be a...


and a...


So I found this to wear...


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Anchor Babies

I was talking to someone today that used to live in Yuma in the 70's. She started nursing at the hospital on Yuma. It seems nothing has changed. Still hot, still boring, still tons of snowbirds, still tons of illegal Mexicans.

She told me a story about a young Hispanic woman who came into the ER one day, saying in Spanish that she was having her baby. By law, they were required to examine her. She was only dilated 1 cm, so they put her in a cab back to Mexico, supposedly. Two hours later, she was in again, shouting in Spanish that she was having a baby. They checked her again, and she still was not ready to have the baby. They again put her in a cab back to Mexico, supposedly. This happen 2 other times when finally, the baby was ready to be delivered and they had to do it then.

Now, that baby is a US citizen and the mother is able to stay in the US as their guardian. Then when that kid turned 18, the mother was able to apply for citizenship. Between that child's birth and now, I'm sure there was a collection of family members that came to "visit” and money that was sent back "home".

Supposedly, there are pamphlets circulating in Mexico on the easiest way to get to stay in the US is to have an anchor baby.

My sister was born in Japan. And as much as I tease her that she is Japanese (the joys of being the oldest), she is an American.

I guess I always knew this existed, but never thought it through. What is the purpose of giving the child citizenship?

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October 22, 2006

A Winning Weekend!

What a great weekend!

I made the haul to SC this weekend to spend time with my blog kids, Spurs & Napster. I'm so happy they are only a 2 1/2 hour drive now instead of a 12 hour drive. Although, when you don't leave Atlanta early enough, a 2 1/2 hour drive turns into 5!

Saturday was full of good games, food and drinks! Mizzou won, the Gamecocks won and my Cardinals won! Couldn't ask for more!

Now, I will tell you, no matter how drunk you are, if your gallbladder only functions at 6%, no amount of alcohol can dull the complete misery of eating like a complete idiot. My ability to say no to that fatty cheeseburger and hotdog was weakened by my consumption of alcohol starting at 2pm!

Right around 1am, I was ready to remove this miserable, useless thing myself! I'm not sure it could have been much more painful then the spasms, abdominal/back pain, vomiting and indigestion that followed the consumption of my blogson's cooking!

It was hard to leave with a view like this...

IMGP0087 (Small).JPG

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October 19, 2006


The Cardinals are going to the World Series.


Damn, that was a great game. I was one of the only people in the bar rooting for the Cards except for the gay guy that I got to cheer when I did and the girl that just wanted to cheer for the opposite team her husband was cheering for. Hey, whatever works!!

I can't wait for Saturday night!

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October 18, 2006

Inappropriate Touching, Deliverance, Chocolate Vodka and Backyard Camping

Where to start?

There are many posts around the blogosphere describing the events of this past weekend. Hysteric at Eric's was right!

First of all, if you get the opportunity to go on a road trip with Bou and Morrigan, take it. Be prepared to cry from laughter. Men, old stories, life theories, men, junk food, Cosmo quizes, men...yea, it went something like that.

Eric is the ultimate host. Plenty of good people, good food and good drinks. But let me tell you, if he ever tells you to look directly in his eyes, make sure someone else has their eyes on his hands ;-)

And Mrs. SWG is a trooper! Working all day and then drinking with the rest of us all night. All while watching her house be attacked by rockets and bloggers.

Morrigan and I made the run Friday night to the Mexican restaurant to pick up $150 worth of Mexican food. One of the employees offered to bring the large box of food to my truck. Funny how his tip went from $5 to $10 when he started showing those muscles!

I finally got to meet CalTechGirl after one failed attempt while I was in Cali. She still must be recovering as she has yet to post on the event. I passed down the infamous horn hat as she, this time, was the one that traveled the furthest. I'm glad she made the trip!

T1G and I started sharing drunken stories until I made him cry with my last one. However, Morrigan felt it necessary to tell the sober side of the story to everyone.

I never heard the end of it. Especially from Zonker who kept trying to push the Jager on me for a reinactment. Yea, wasn't happening.

Speaking of nasty alcohol...

You know Bou's chocolate addiction? Well, it seems that if it taste like chocolate...she'll try it. She can tell you the rest...

Yabu was a trip. He certainly isn't shy, that one.

Saturday morning, before breakfast, I told Bou and Morrigan that I had to sleep with the TV on because of how loud the snoring was in the room next to me. I won't name any names.

Speaking of RSM& T1G, just like last year, RSM had prior engagements that caused him to leave early. I think it was just because he couldn't smooth talk himself into another room for the 2nd night and didn't want to camp out in the cold. :-)

Yes, camping out in the cold. Dax came prepared with blankets, sleeping bags, a 10 man tent and a guitar. Dax seems to have a lot of dirt on a lot of the bloggers there that night. Wow, the stories were flying!

Another man with many stories, Velociman. All I can say is this man has a great chemistry with monkeys. I may never be able to go to the zoo without having nightmares of what I saw!

I always enjoy getting to see Denny. Man, can he play the guitar (and the kazoo - despite Eric's poor kazoo timing). I could sit there and listen to him and Jimbo play for hours. Which we did.

I got to see Teresa again, after 2 years. I was so glad she was able to make it, even for a short while. She's always fun to chat with.

Johnny-Oh was there again. I thought for a moment that there might be the need for an ambulance as I watched out the window, Johnny-Oh climbing the ladder onto Eric's house. Scary.

Speaking of scary, I believe there was a moment when Eric handed Redneck his NCO sword. I just knew someone was going to get hurt or there might be some huntin' out in the back with that thing.

And I finally got to meet Ellison and his beautiful wife. Ellison wrote a beautiful song for Eric's birthday that summed up the weekend very nicely. He also happened to be the man with the camera for the weekend. So, I am worried about what pictures might surface in the next few days.

And I believe one of my favorite lines of the weekend was at the Pumkin Festival when Ellison's wife, SWMBO paused and said, "Is that music from the Deliverance?" And it was. A family of 4 on the back of a druck with their banjos and guitars for the whole big town to see. Between that and the 2 day old pig, I believe it was a successful festival.

I hope that's everyone. I feel like I might be forgetting someone, and if I am, I am terribly sorry...blame it on the chocolate vodka!

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The Curse Is Broken

I didn't watch Game 6 tonight. I was worried I would cause my dear Carindals to lose.

But it's okay, they lost on their own.

So tomorrow is game 7. I'm not sure whether I should watch or not. I want to! I really do!

I'm thinking maybe if I watch while having a few drinks at the bar, something good will come of the night.

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October 17, 2006

Change of Plans

I bumped up the surgery to the 31st of October, 2 weeks earlier. I feared the odds of me getting a simple cold or something in the next month would be good and also saves me 2 weeks of pain. Not to mention 2 weeks less of worry. I also am guaranteed insurance until the end of the month. November is still a mystery.

My friend says she's coming to the hospital in her Halloween costume. She said the fact that I'll be doped up, it should be entertaining.

After I called to change the appointment, I turned on the TV and ER was on. They were going a gallbladder removal....on a pig. They have really big gallbladders.

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October 16, 2006

Audio Tequila Warning

I got an email today:

Saw this, thought of you

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It's Coming Out

I went in for my pre-op today. The big day is November 14th at 6:45 am. That's probably a good time. I'll still be half asleep while they do the IV and stuff.

My surgeon is good. Very attentive, thorough, and it doesn't hurt that he's not bad to look at. Hopefully I won't mention that under the anesthesia.

I made the mistake of missing a turn in the hospital to get to administration and ended up walking down the hall of where the surgeries were done. It was a little unnerving.

They took some more blood, went through my health history for the 20th time and answered every quesiton I had. I am very impressed so far with this hospital. Maybe my expectations are low due to the many years of the Naval Hospitals.

So it's 4 more weeks of chicken and rice.

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Useless Knowledge

Today is the last day of school for me for 30 days. I need useless reading, TV and plenty of naps! This is what I have accomplished, stolen from blog sis Mrs. Who

What is your salad dressing of choice? Eck! None!

What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Either Sonic or Taco Bell (won't be having that anytime soon...but I'm not bitter)

What is your favorite sit down restaurant? Still looking for a fav (If I did have a fav, probably couldn't have that anytime soon either...but I'm not bitter)

On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant? 20%

What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? Oreo Cookie Ice Cream

What are your pizza toppings of choice? Extra Cheese....sometimes hamburger and bacon (won't be having that anytime soon...but I'm not bitter)

What do you like to put on your toast? butter (won't be having that anytime soon...but I'm not bitter)

What is your favorite type of gum? Dentyne Wild Winter

Number of contacts in your cell phone? 142

Number of contacts in your email address book? 60ish

What is your wallpaper on your computer? A picture my lil sis drew/colored

What is your screensaver on your computer? Slideshow of pictures of friends

How many televisions are in your house? 3 (one is in the garage though)

What kitchen appliance do you use the least? Coffee pot

What is the radio station you listen to the most? XM - 20, 21, 22, 25, 30 (all contemporary)

What do you consider to be your best physical attribute? My eyes

Are you right handed or left handed? Right handed

Do you like your smile? No...I am self-conscious about my teeth and it makes my eyes squint

Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Getting ready to

Would you like to have something removed from your body? Yes...I can think of a few things

Do you prefer to read when you go to the bathroom? My mail

Which of your five senses do you think is keenest? hearing

When was the last time you had a cavity? I may have one now...

What is the heaviest item you lift regularly? My purse

Have you ever been knocked unconscious? Haha...close

**A bunch of stuff-OLOGY**
If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? No way in hell!

If you could change your first name, what would you change it to? I wouldn't change it.

How do you express your artistic side? music/write

What color do you think you look best in? Not sure

How long do you think you could last in a medium security prison? Well, that last stint was about 6 months, so....

Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake? Depends on what you consider non-food!

If we weren't bound by society's conventions, do you have a relative you would make a pass at? Hell no! I'm trying to eliminate as much of family's genes as possible...

How often do you go to church? I've been banned...

Have you ever saved someone's life? My own...

Has someone ever saved yours? Probably

Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000? If I had time to prepare my body for it...sure.

Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100? Oh, the college years...

Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000? No way

Would you never blog again for $50,000? Yep.

Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000? If I had the body for it...sure

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? Couldn't do it...

Would you, without fear of punishment, take a human life for $1,000,000? Only if said person was pedophile.

Would you shave your head and get your entire body waxed for $5000? Hmmm...not thinking so

Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000? Yes, as long as I could still have my iPod and my computer

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October 15, 2006

I Can't Watch

I made sure I was in front of the TV for game 1 of the NLCS. Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost.

I made sure I was in front of the TV for game 2, when it was rescheduled due to rain.

I wasn't able to watch game 2. We won.

I wasn't able to watch game 3. We won.

I flipped game 4 on during the 2nd inning, we were 1-0. I continued to watch and then the Mets scored. I changed the channel. We continued this routine back and forth until I witnessed the Mets score 6 runs in the 6th inning.

I think it's best if I don't watch...

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October 11, 2006

Glad I Called...

So I called the doctors office today to find out more about my surgery next week. You know, when to stop eating/drinking, what do I need to bring, etc.

They look me up, and say that I'm just coming in to talk with the surgeon Monday and then they'll schedule the surgery from there. I told her that my doctor's nurse said I was actually getting the surgery Monday and they were just forwarding all my result to the surgeon. She said it was a good thing that I called.

Unfortunately, I made this call AFTER my stepmom had made arrangements to stay with me all of next week.

So, next week is just an appointment. I think I'll ask for the surgery to be done in early November.

Damn, I'm glad I called.

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October 10, 2006

The Results Are In II

The results are in and I am scheduled for surgery on Monday. Quicker than I thought. That's good and bad.

So the message I received from the doctor is that there are no gallstones but my biliary ejection fraction is 6.6% and it's supposed to be, at minimum, 30%. He said something on the message about biliary diskynesia, which he described as a "sick/non-functioning gall bladder" and that he was referring me to a surgeon.

I would have never thought they'd get me schedule in 6 days. However, looking at my personal and work schedule, that seems to be a good time, even though I personally would have pushed it to November. But this way, at least we know I still have a job which means I still have insurance. My job status is still unknown for the upcoming months.

This website has a pretty cool slideshow and description of a Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Removal. However, I have banned myself from reading or viewing anything else on the subject.

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October 09, 2006

The Liquid Cheeseburger

I had the HIDA scan done last Thursday. I hope to get the results Tuesday or Wednesday.

In this test, a radioactive material called hydroxy iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) is injected into the patient. The radioactive material is taken up by the gallbladder to measure gallbladder function. This test also is referred to as cholescintigraphy.

And it sucks. A bit of advice, if you ever have to get this done, stay up the night before so you can sleep through it!

Before the scan, they gave me an IV in my hand, injected saline, the HIDA stuff, and more saline. Other than the fact that I HATE needles and insisted on turning away as he poked and injected, it wasn't that bad. Although I avoided looking at my hand as the though of a needle just sitting in there bothered me.

Then I had to lie on this table, just as if you were going to get an MRI. The technician asked what kind of music I liked. Doubting he had anything that would be to my specific liking, I told him the elevator jazz music he had on was fine.

I laid there. For an hour. On my back. On a hard, plastic table. Meanwhile, the machine took continuous pictures of my abdomen.

Then, the technician explained he was going to inject a cheeseburger into my IV. He said he'd inject some type of stuff every few minutes that should make me react as if I were eating a cheeseburger. Ok, do you know the last time I had a cheeseburger? Yea, neither do I. The least he could have done was let me have a real cheeseburger if I was going to have to go through the pain.

The instant he injected the "liquid cheeseburger", I was nauseous and dizzy. Five minutes later, he injected some more. By then, I had massive heartburn. Who would have thought you could get heartburn from an injection. By the 3rd injection, I was aggressively fighting the need to throw up. It was in my throat, I was on my back, I'm not sure that would have been a good scene. Although it would have severed him right.

After another 30 minutes of pictures, they removed the IV and I was allowed to leave.

It wasn't one of my finest doctor’s visits. Yes, I'm a big baby. But it sucked!

Hopefully I'll hear something soon on the results.

Meanwhile, I wonder if that liquid cheeseburger had any calories in it?

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Guilt At It's Best

Since the issues with my gallbladder, I've had to alter my diet a bit. No biggy, it needed to be done. Nothing like a stabbing pain in your abdomen and the constant need to throw up to motivate you to avoid fat.

Along with that, I've started back at the gym, started tennis lessons and a friend and I are even going to this "beginner" boot camp in 2 weeks.

Once I get going, it seems to be a bit easier. Until I break. Then it's hard to get back on the wagon. I know what makes me break, and sometimes I see it coming, and sometimes I don't. But I avoid it the best I can.


Friday, I didn't go to work. And slept most of the day. For some reason, my body has required about 12 hours of sleep a day lately. Not sure what that's all about.

So Friday late afternoon, it was close to dinner time and my cabinets were bare. Still in my PJ's, I was not in the mood to go out and pick anything up.

So pizza it was. I knew it was wrong, but it was just so easy.

After 2 slices of my cheese thin crust, the guilt struck. The pizza went straight outside to the trash. I promptly changed, went to the gym and spent an hour on the elliptical machine.

After I woke up from my nap this afternoon, it was time for dinner again, and the cabinets are still bare. So I leave to go pick something up. I reach the main road out of my complex and turn around to go back home. That damn guilt again. It may have been guilt or the true lack of motivation to head to the gym after whatever I went to pick up.

I'm telling you, guilt at it's finest.

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October 04, 2006

Last Meal

I was talking to my mom and she said that she had made potato skins, BBQ pork steaks and garlic bread the other night. My sister told her that if she could choose any meal for her last meal, that would be it.

Mine? Country Fried Steak or Chicken with white gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, mac n' cheese and yeast rolls.

I would die of carb overload before whatever was ailing me.

So out of curiousity, what would everone else's last meal be?

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October 03, 2006


After completing my current course in the next 2 weeks, I have 13 more classes until I finish school.

I am tired and I am burned out. I have had a paper do every week since I started school back in October of 2003. Now, I have taken a few breaks here and there, but for the most part, a paper due every week.

Including my current class, I have approximately 67 more papers to write until I am done. Actually, more. 67 is only including my individual assignments and not the team assignments we must do. So more like 80 more papers.

The loan program I am on does not allow me to double up on classes. I have the ability to write a couple of 10-15 pages on previous work/learning experience, to POSSIBLY (not a sure thing) get some credit. But I am truly having issues sitting down long enough to get my individual writing assignments turned in, let alone a few 10-15 page papers that I may not get any credit for.

My sister, who turned 18 in June, should be completed with her Bachelors by late 2007. I'll be lucky if I get mine done by then.

It's to the point now that I look for ways to just get the work done, and not absorb any of it. I just want to be done with it!

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October 01, 2006


So I go to a local bar tonight to listen to a local band play some 70's, 80's and 90's favorites.

As long as there is good music or something on the TV, I usually don't have too much of a problem going by myself. Oh, it's not my favorite, but I can handle it.

Maybe I should have gotten that MRNDATR license plate. How is it that I still ended up talking to a Marine (former) even though the closest Marine base is 5 hours away?

Well, he ended up snatching my phone and text messaging the Bipolic I dated in Yuma. The Bipolic and I were texting back and forth and the former Marine decided to take over the conversation.

Well, at least it was entertaining!

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Law & Order

Have I mentioned how much I love Law & Order SVU marathons on USA? I've seen every one but I'm still hooked!

There are only a few shows I really like, so I don't watch TV that often. But I would not object to a Law & Order channel

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