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September 28, 2005

It Sucks, But It's Done

To make an extremely long and frustrating story short...

The movers will be here Friday morning

They will not be packing me

That means I have to have my whole apartment packed by Friday morning

I have major school work due Friday and Saturday

I won't be around for awhile....

So here's the deal. They are packing me up Friday and I'm driving to my mom's to spend the weekend with them. Sunday night I'll drive to Atlanta, Monday I'll drive to Dallas, Tuesday I'll drive to Lubbock, Wednesday I'll drive to El Paso and Thursday I'll drive to Yuma.

This may change. The movers will be in Yuma as early as the 8th and as late as the 17th. If they are there later, I'll spend more time at my mom's and I'll maybe spend one more night in Lubbock to see Spurs & Napster.

So, it may be a while before I'm back up and running here!

But, I have guests coming! Yes, I am scared.

I have made duplicate keys for Bou, Morrigan, Spurs, Napster, Tammi, and Amy.

They have my permission to post whenever and whatever they want. Yes, I was drunk when I offered ;-)

I'm sure these folks will be hearing from me on my trip, so they'll keep this place updated, or trashed...whatever!

And the cool thing is, when I'm on the road, I forward my email to my phone....which means I still get my comments! :-) (NO SPAM!)

So...have fun, give the guests a hard time, and have a drink for me as I am sure my sanity will be close to gone by the time I finish this 2500 miles!

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September 27, 2005

They Knew!

As I was going to my bedroom, I saw a big black thing on the floor. I turned on the lamp and there was a huge ass Palmetto Bug!

I know the drill! Scream! Get chills! Put on tall shoes! Go to the sink to get bug spray!

Wha? No bug spray!

I had thrown it away this morning when I thought the movers were going to be packing me! I didn't care...I dug through the trash for it!

I found it, stood about 6 feet away from the bug while leaning over and drenching the fucker in bug spray! Yea, about half a can should do it!

They KNEW that I had thrown away my bug spray! They just knew!

And since it was in my bedroom, I will NOT be able to sleep tonight! This blows!

And you all wonder why I'm getting the hell out of this bug infested state!

Need proof? Here's a picture! I even threw my remote down next to it for comparison! This thing could eat your young!

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15 Minute Rule!

In college, we had the 15 minute rule...

...if the professor didn't show up within 15 minutes of the class start time, we left!

Well, the instructor for my online class hasn't posted since the evening of 9/24. This is my 13th class and I've never seen that happen. The school has very strict rules on how often the instructors post.

So, what do you think the rule is with online 5 week classes? ;-)

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Not All Needles Are The Same!

It is 9:00 and I just got back from the doctor. Got there at 6:15, left at 8:15. Joy!

Let me tell you something! I have two tattoos and have been pierced 10 times and I still get light-headed and ill when they go to take blood! I warn them first to not let me see the needle. Hell, my head is turned while they are cleaning the area!

My veins are a little hard to find in the usual arm area (what's that called? an elbow pit?) She tied one arm and poked luck. She tied the other arm, and poked luck.

Then she tied my lower arm and every vein in my freaking body pokes up in my hand. I start to flip and start poking my "elbow-pit" and saying "come on out more hiding". She starts cracking up and decides to give the initial location one more try! Good girl! She got it in one shot! I was impressed!

So, to skip a long boring story...I'm on some sort of antibiotics and can't drink for a week! WTF! I have a going away dinner Thursday night, I'm supposed to be stopping to see Morrigan on my out, supposed to stop and see Amy (and she has insisted she must be in the "Did a shot with Sissy" club) and then I'm off to see Spurs & Napster. Wait, I cannot be in TLTTF (also the bellybutton of America) without a drink! So I am planning to be there after Wed! Otherwise, they better give me some better drugs than these damn antibiotics :-D

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Good Morning, We're Here To Get Your Hopes Up!

This morning, at about 8:15 as I was getting ready to change, there was a knock on the door? Who the hell is at my door this early in the morning?

I threw my PJs back on, looked through the peep hole to see two guys in moving company uniforms.

I crack open the door and the chipper guy says, "Good morning Miss........, we are here to pack your apartment!"

WTF? Last I heard was at 7pm yesterday that the COO of the company still had to sign off on my paperwork today.

I told the guys that I didn't know if this had been approved yet and to go chill or go get breakfast while I make some phone calls.

Well, the problem with making phone calls at this time is the relocation company is CST t, so at 8:30 EST, there is no on in the office. And then my boss is MST and I surely wasn't calling her at 6:30 am.

I left a message with the relo company, sent my boss a high priority email (as that's one of the first things she does in the morning is checks email). I told the guys we had to wait until I got a they went and took a nap in the truck.

Meanwhile, I am running around my house, putting one last load of clothes/sheets in the washer, one last load of dishes in the dryer, throwing away stuff I don't want them to pack, putting stuff I'm taking with me in one big box, and freaking out that I don't have enough time!

Then, at about 9:15, I get a call from the relo company telling me the movers are NOT supposed to be at my house today! Then the movers knock on my door and tell me that they are not supposed to be here and are leaving.

Fuck! Part of me wishes I would have just let them pack me. Sometimes it's easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission!

Meanwhile, I still don't know when I will have movers here. It is close of business Tuesday.....I must be out of my apartment Friday! And I don't know when the hell someone will be here!

I'd go pour myself a drink, but I poured the last of my vodka out this morning thinking I was being packed!

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Poor Grieving Cindy...

Tough Life. . . . . . .camping outside Bush's Ranch!

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Battle of the Weather Pixies

Since I am moving to Arizona this week, it seems my Weather Pixie is already acclamated to that weather! She's been wearing a bikini almost daily until about 9pm their time and then she'll jump into some jeans and a tank top. Yes, it is still 100 degrees out there during the day and ends up in the high 70's a night. Ah, desert weather!

Well, Tammi's weather pixie is already in jeans and a jacket! We may empathize with her cold misery but I'm not sure too many of the Bad Example men are going to be oogling her weather pixie in a parka!

Bou's weather pixie is more covered up as of late! Although it's still hot and humid down there, a skirt and a sleeveless shirt is still appropriate. No scandalous weather pixie at Bou's anymore!

Even my blog children Spurs & Napster's weather whore pixie is teasing everyone in jeans! And they are in Texas!

So, I made the sacrifice to move to the left armpit of America where you wear shorts all year round so you all will have a weather pixie showing skin all year long!

Man, what I do for the family! ;-)

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September 25, 2005

The Fire Starter

Yes, as I reflect, I have a history of starting fires.

In college, I lived on the 8th floor, known as "The Penthouse". My roommate and I were always doing goofy things; stealing pumpkins and squash outside of a restaurant at Thanksgiving, bringing other dorm girls to the adult store at 2am in our pajamas for the fun of it (the naive fun of it), sneaking vodka in our huge 44 oz slushes from Sonic, going out to the Quad in our PJs to climb the columns and take goofy pictures. Ah, good times! I'll have to see if I can dig up some pictures!

So, with all of this late (or early) behavior, I obviously did not have time for an 8 am class. Especially Geology!

So I dropped it! I was failing I dropped it! No more Geology hassle and no more feeling guilty for skipping that 8 am class!

After I dropped the class, my roommate and I had to celebrate. We took all my Geology notes (more like the 1st day of notes and all the work sheets that had been handed out) and took them to the balcony where the smokers went to smoke. We put them in the "butt can" and set them on fire. We took pictures and laughed and made sure the fire went out!

The dorm had a very strict fire policy. If you were caught smoking in your rooms, lighting something on fire or anything to that effect, you would get kicked out of the dorm and have to do tons of community service.

As my roommate and I were walking back to our room, we thought we could smell weed. It seemed to be coming from the room of this girl we really despised. So, we paged the RA and told them what we were smelling in the halls, and went back to our room.

Then, there was a knock on our door. It was our RA and the RA from the guys floor. My RA was pissed! She said they just spent the last 15 minutes putting out a fire on the balcony. My name had been on the notes that were supposed to be burnt!

She sent the male RA back to his floor and chewed us a new one! It could have been worse, she could have turned us in and I would have gotten a new asshole courtesy of my father!

So, we had to kiss her ass for a little while and "volunteer" at some of the floor meetings for tasks....but better than the alternative!

What's sad....this isn't the worst thing we did....and I have more fire starting stories from after college!

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The Diseased Mouse

A couple of months ago, my supervisor ordered me a mouse, keyboard and power cable for my new docking station for my new P.O.S. laptop. Yes, that would be a couple of months ago...don't ya love I.T.

I received a couple of packages the other day from I.T. I opened the keyboard and power cable and set them up. Then, I opened the mouse.

There was something wrong. It had a huge tumor growing out of the top of it. I was pissed. How the hell was I supposed to use that thing! That's not a mouse, it's a science experiment!

I didn't hook it up. I'd use one of the ghetto ones we had around the office.

Well, after the ghetto mouse gave out, I hooked up the diseased mouse.

After I figured out that this one did not move and that the big trackball was what you were supposed to use...I got it to work.

Well, I am now in love with my sickly mouse! This thing is freaking cool! You don't have to move it around and run out of space or cord, you have a scroll feature on each side of the mouse....the thing is just so easy!

I'm sure it wouldn't be practical for games or anything...but for what I do, it's great!

I like my diseased mouse! I wonder if they will notice if I take it with me to Arizona?

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I very well may be the worlds biggest procrastinator! It's bad and it's going to get me into trouble one day!

I was dreading writing a paper for school that was due yesterday. I have a paper due every Saturday. I didn't do last Saturday's....I lost 5 points...I can still get an A if I work my ass off.

So, yesterdays paper. I had absolutely all day to work on it. Hell, I had all week. I don't have too much going on in the life of Sissy right now.

When did I start writing it? 11:00pm last night. What time did I get done? 12:30am!

Really, I make myself miserable over an hour and a half of writing! I think of every excuse to get out of it until I just absolutely have to do it!

I will not have that luxury coming soon as time will be of the essence on a retail schedule and being around old friends that will want to be social!

And trust me, school work is not the only thing I procrastinate on. The candle mess is still there except for the candles and candle holder that made it to the trash can. I figure the cleaning people can take care of it when I leave.

Excuse me, I need to go procrastinate doing my laundry!

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September 24, 2005

Soda is Evil!!

I have lost 4 pounds just by not drinking soda! Soda is evil!

I gave up soda a long time ago! Only water. I LOVED water! Then, in June when I went on vacation, for some reason, I started drinking it again. I think because it was in my moms house and water was not easily accessible unless I wanted nasty Chicago faucet water...which was not happening!

So, the past couple of weeks, I have only had water! Total soda detox! I hate the thought of wasting calories on soda when I can use those toward something chocolate or alcohol! :-)

But seriously, I haven't changed my diet much. Hell, I've been so stressed that I've had any chocolate that has come within sight. M&Ms may be the death of me!

But despite all of that, water only for this girl!

And a side note for others that don't keep track of their water intake...

...if you go to Sonic and get their 44 oz cup of water, you get almost all the water you need in the day, it stays cold in their cups (and doesn't sweat) and you get the cool crushed ice! It's a morning routine for me now!

Soda is evil!!

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My Sister, the Social Butterfly

Caitlin is going to be 8 next month...going on 16! That girl is a social butterfly!

When she has neighborhood kids over, she offers them a drink and a snack and treats them like guests. She's probably been watching what my parents do.

This girl is not shy! Not one bit. If there is one pure extrovert in my family, it's her!

My stepmom volunteers at her school. Really, they should have this woman on the payroll!

While she was in the copy room, she recognized one of the women in there. She asked the woman if she lived in her neighborhood and had been doing work on her house. The woman replied yes, and realized they were just a few houses down. My stepmom said Caitlin is always looking for friends and if she minded if she came by to see if her daughter wanted to play (her daughter is in the 1st grade, Caitlin is in 3rd). The mother said sure, and that was that.

When Caitlin got out of school, my stepmom told her about the other mother and her daughter. My stepmom told Caitlin that she could go meet her on Saturday.

Today, Caitlin asked if she could go see if she could play, but my stepmom wanted to wait as they were expecting company. While my stepmom was in the shower, the company called my dad and said they couldn't make it. Caitlin asked dad if she could go and he said sure.

When Caitlin comes back, my stepmom is out of the shower and sees the other girl and says, "Hi, who are you?" The girl replies Whitney, says where she lives and they go off to play.

That wasn't the girl that Caitlin was supposed to go meet. The girl that my stepmom had talked to earlier was Asian. So, after an hour, the little girl goes home and my stepmom asks Caitlin where she went.

She replied she went to the house (where supposedly my stepmom told her to go) and said, "Hi, my mom met you yesterday at school and told me I could come meet your daughter!"

Obviously, there was a miscommunication in what house they were talking about. (No worries, they live in a very good neighborhood)

My stepmom is dying laughing that my little sister has the nerve to just knock on someones door and ask someone she's never met if they want to play.

Caitlin was excited that she could go to another house and meet another little girl! So, Caitlin goes to the correct house and gets to meet the girl my stepmom originally had intended her to meet!

I can only imagine what Caitlin is going to be when she grows up. She is so extroverted, driven and smart (and even a smart ass sometimes), that there is no telling what she'll do! She cracks me up!

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I Look Like a Boy

I think I can now blog about this without crying. Maybe...we'll see.

Growing up, I always had long long hair. Hair that I could easily sit on when sitting down. My parents liked their girls to have long hair!

In high school, I realized I was the only one with hair this long and had it trimmed, to about the middle of my back. It looked healthier and was still long!

Then I went to college where my roommates talked me into putting highlights in it and cutting it. When I got it cut, it was just below my shoulders. It was cute and first time I had "short hair".

Since then I've kept it about that length, give or take a few inches.

As of recently, for the past year, I've been letting it grow out. No more color, all natural. I had it to about mid back again.

With the hell that is South Carolina humidity and the thought of the still summer temperatures in Arizona, I had been playing around with the idea of cutting it "short" again. Again, my definition of short is touching my shoulders.

Finally, on a whim, at lunch I went to the mall to get it done. I had a picture in my wallet of my sisters and me and showed the lady what I wanted.

I should have looked at the many signs as I went in there. As I told the lady at the register what I wanted, she hesitated, as they were having computer issues.

This lady was wearing all black with black hair and some purple make up. She had piercings here and there (lip, eyebrow, etc). The manager told her she didn't need the computer to cut hair.

She told me to follow her. She moved as if she was an elderly lady. It didn't come to me that she may be on drugs! I wasn't thinking.

I explained what I wanted, showed her the picture, and even stressed that my hair looked longer while wet and to take that into consideration.

As I sat in the chair, the cut seemed to take forever. She was having problems getting it even. She would compare sides, and then start cutting again. I was getting scared.

Once she thought it was all even, she dried it and curled it out some. As I looked in the mirror, I thought it was a little short, but thought it was because of the way she curled it.

I went to pay her with a credit card and their computers were still down. So I had to walk to the other side of the mall to get cash and come back to pay her. The whole time, she talked and moved as if it required all of her strength.

I went to work, and no one noticed. That doesn't surprise me, there are a lot of jerks in my office!

When I got home, I played with it, trying to straighten it out, and there was no use. I thought that I just had to give it some time. When my mom asked about it (who was terrified that I was getting it cut), I said, "well, it's a little shorter than I wanted, but it's cute and it will grow."

Well, it has been about 5 days. It's not cute. I think I look like a boy that needs a haircut! And this terrifies me! I'm about to move to a new place, meet new people and I look like a damn boy!

I tried playing with it today, curling it, straightening it, anything I could think of... luck. It's short! It's not like the picture I showed. And I hate it! I have been scarred, I'm sure!

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September 23, 2005

I Should Be Moving Someday...

Today is Friday, the 23rd. I absolutely have to be out of my apartment next Friday, the 30th.

I do not have one thing packed! Nothing, nada! Not my job!

And, I still don't know when and if the packers and movers are going to be here next week.

I'm stressin' just a little!

When the guy came to survey my stuff, he estimated my stuff at 4000 lbs. The average for a 1 bedroom apartment is 3500 lbs and I don't have all the furniture the average 1 bedroom has.

He was then talking about insurance and that they would put unknown condition on all my electronics because the movers wouldn't know if they worked or not. I told him I could show them that they worked and he said that it didn't matter. If something happened to them on the move, they'd send out a repair person to see if it was from the move or before.

This guy was full of it! They quoted my company almost $5000 to move my stuff to Arizona, after I had already gotten a quote for $2000 from another company!

So, supposedly, that's the hold up. That, and our HR department is working at the speed of snails!

What scares me, is when I was talking to the moving company about dates, they didn't have any dates for the 29th or 30th. They asked me about the 27th.

Um, the 27th is Tuesday. That would be 4 days away. In 4 days, someone could come knock on my door ready to pack and move my shit!

I think I'm being very freakin' patient! But I'm starting to get pissed!

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September 21, 2005

Why Move When You Can Burn It Down?

I'm a huge moron! Let's just get that out in the open.

As soon as I got home today, I lit all my candles. I have 4 candles in the bathroom that I only light occasionally. Tonight I did. After the place was smelling pretty, I blew out all the candles.

I had a friend over and we were watching a movie. All of a sudden, my smoke alarm goes off. I'm looking around and none of my candles are lit, I go to turn the alarm off, which is next to my bathroom and see a HUGE FLAME from the back of my toilet!!

"Oh shit!!" I'm yelling trying to blow it out while keeping my hair back. He comes in with a glass of water and tosses it on the fire.

It goes out.

There's wax all over my floor and toilet.

The problem? (other than that I am a moron?)

The candles had little leaf like string around each one for decoration. Damn forestry around my candles!

What were they sitting in? A wooden candle holder.

I'm such a moron! When I have burned these in the past, I have always been sure to not leave them burning long. I had forgotten all about them this time!

Meanwhile, my friend is trying to get the smoke detector to shut up. He's opening the front door, turning on the fan, waving a towel in front of it. I'm glad he was here as I hate messing with stupid smoke detectors!

I thought I would share a picture of the mess...

I can pull the back toilet cover up with the candle holder as it is now stuck to it!

It looks like someone puked in my bathroom!

I'm such a mess.....domestic I am not!


Now that I think about it, I've had a few issues with fire in the past. Two that I can think of off the top of my head.

Look for more fire stories in the near future!

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Basil's Interviews

Basil is asking for volunteers for interviews!

I volunteered. What the hell?!?

Have some questions? Ask Your Questions Here!!

Want to be interviewed? Let Basil Know!

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Invest in a Comb

I received an email from a loan specialist about what they could offer me. Each email he sent had this letterhead:


I forwarded the email to my dad to get his thoughts. He replied, and at the end of his email was:

P.S. Tell "S" to either invest in a comb or a haircut. He looks like a putz.

You can leave the Marine Corps, but the Marine Corps never leaves you!

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It's On!!

One of my favorite bloggers is not going to like me for a little while....but it's on.


Mizzou VS Texas!!

Oct 1st at 11am!

Texas got us last year 28-20, but it's not going to happen this year! It's On! :-)


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How Evil Are You?

How evil are you?

Stolen from Tammi and others....

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September 20, 2005

You Know What Sucks?

When you forget to remove the read receipt request before sending out an email to "All Users".

Excuse me, I have to go delete some emails!

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September 19, 2005

How To Have Fun at Costco

  • Run by the membership card checker before he can catch you.

  • Laugh at everyone in line for gas with their huge SUVs.

  • Watch someone push a huge ass shopping cart that weighs more than they do.

  • Go on the search for the two things you were looking for.

  • Realize there are more than two things in your cart.

  • Bask in your brilliance that Costco should have a map.

  • Pass through the cheese aisle.....twice!!

  • Imagine what you could do with huge gallon tubs of butter.

  • Feel anything that looks like it would be soft to the touch.

  • Curse as you see everyone push their carts full of paper products as you have been in the building for an hour and still can't find the paper products!

  • Buy stuff because you will be able to share it with others.

  • "Oh, those look good. Let's try them" is great because you can never use too many of something that you are not sure you will like.

  • Plan the letter to the Costco CEO that the aisles should have traffic lights...

  • ...and carts should have horns and blinkers.

  • Don't go when you are hungry unless you really wanted 20 lbs of chicken and a case of turkey burgers!

  • Do go when you are hungry if you are cheap and want samples for lunch.

  • Laugh at others filling their carts with crap that will take them decades to use.

  • Blush when you realize others are laughing at you.

  • Buy more then what was intended and try to fit it in a small convertible.

  • Carry 40 lbs of Kitty Litter up the stairs while the cat sleeps in the corner.

  • Start divvying up your purchases.

  • Dream up future menus that consist of chicken tenderloin, turkey burgers or cheese.

  • Realize the only thing that is really worth buying in bulk is toilet paper and alcohol!

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  • September 18, 2005

    I Fell Far From That Tree!

    My dad is extremely structured and organized. I'm the opposite. If I had to guess at his MBTI, I would guess INTJ.

    On Christmas, dad has the video camera in one hand and a trash bag in the other to collect all the wrapping paper.

    He has my stepmom ready with Ziploc bags, Rubbermaid containers and the label maker.

    My sister has all of her toys in containers or bags, with labels.

    Each light switch in the house has a label to what it controls.

    Every charger (cell phone chargers and such) has a label.

    I got a label maker for Christmas last year.

    They keep a notebook with every password they have for computer stuff.

    Growing up, my bedroom door had to be all the way closed or all the way in-between or I owed him a dollar!

    He made me write him an essay at 13 when he found out I was wearing my contacts to bed and not taking them out every night.

    He makes sure to have fingernail clippers and Camphophenique in his desk at work, at home, next to his recliner, next to the bed, in the truck, and in my stepmoms purse.

    Dad's rule #1 - Plenty of hugs for daddy! Rule #2 - No messes in the truck!


    As organized as this man is, he still calls my sisters and me by each others names. Usually, we end up being #1, #2 and #3.

    Speaking of which, he is surrounded by girls and got a male dog and male rabbit for some testosterone in the house....

    ...he forgets their names too!

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    September 16, 2005

    Ain't Nothin' Gonna Break My Stride...

    ...Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no
    I got to keep on moving
    Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride
    I'm running and I won't touch ground, oh no
    I got to keep on moving.

    Oh, sorry, 80's flashback!

    Things are really picking up in the life of Sissy! Things are looking up, out and falling into place! There's still a lot to go, but the days are getting better!

    With that being said...I'm out of here for the weekend! I am off to Morrigan's to spend a weekend with her before I leave.

    I am both excited and sad. Excited because, hello, I get to see Morrigan and we're going to have a blast!

    Sad because this is the last time that I'll be just 3 hours away. No spontaneous weekend trips down there. Hell, the next time I'll see her is in Vegas for New Years (if she'd hurry up and book the trip already).

    But enough of that! It's all good times!

    Meanwhile, go pick on my blog spawn Spurs & Napster.

    Or, if you are really can play with Harvey's birthday presents below...

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    September 14, 2005

    Happy Birthday Harvey!!!

    It's Harvey's Birthday!!

    He has requested something in particular:

    I want pictures of partially-to-completely nude human female breasts.

    Oh, and he has beads!!!!!

    So, I've been searching all day to figure out what to get him!!

    I searched for "rack" and ended up with this...


    I searched for "knockers" and got this...


    I searched for "boob" and got this...

    So finally, I wised up and searched for "chest" and found...

    Mmmm...I like this one....but I don't think Harvey will...

    As a last resort, I tried "breasts", and wound up with this...

    Sorry Harv, it was the best I could do....

    I hope you have a good one two!!

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    September 13, 2005

    Wow, Am I Lucky!!

    Wow, I have the best dad in the world!! Really, I do.

    My dad has been lecturing, coaching and teaching me through out the past couple of years on rebuilding my credit after stupid college mistakes! I'm getting there...I've come a long way.

    My mom has been putting the "buying a house" bug in my ear. Although I would love to, I'm not sure I'm in the position to do that now. I called my dad for advice, and he said in my position and with no down payment, it was highly unlikely. He called his mortgage broker to make sure, and he agreed.

    I got a call today from my dad. He said, no promises, but for me to look around for a house within a certain price range that he gave me, and that he would buy it and put my name on it to start building my credit even faster. He said house credit would really help besides my truck. He would take care of the downpayment, and I would pay him the mortgage every month. He'd be my landlord.

    If for some reason, his mortgage broker advises not to have me on there for the sake of the payment, he will buy it and I can pay him rent every month.

    All I can say, is WOW!

    What's cool about my dad is that he's an awesome dad and is still a real dad. I was never able to get away with murder; quite the contrary! He has always had high expectations and will always tell me what he thinks.

    But he is also the first to have faith in me and believe in me when I do well and prove myself.

    Yes, I'm very lucky!

    Now excuse me...I'm going to go look at houses :-)

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    Where's Tammi???

    Tammi is DSL-less tonight! They told her 24-48 hours! She's going crazy. I've spent the past hour talking her off the roof of the house ;-)

    But man, you should be excited when she comes back online! She's got some stories for you! Let's just say the neighbors and Cody are at it again!!

    Stay tuned and cross your fingers for a quick recovery of her DSL!!

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    September 12, 2005

    I'd Save A Lot Of Money...

    It looks like I'm going to be living in my truck when I move to Yuma!!

    I cannot find one freaking decent place to live. Nada!!

    I DO.NOT. want to live in an apartment again. I don't like it! I'll deal with a condo, put up with a duplex, but I would prefer a house.

    I'm not finding jack shit!

    Everything in my price range (and I'm not being cheap) is in the ghetto, super super small and/or old and shitty! Anything worth a damn is not worth paying for just myself!

    I've searched every website, every newspaper and have called several realtors. Not to mention, most realtors could give a damn about rentals...or at least it doesn't seem like they do (do they even make any money off them??)

    And I have looked at apartments. I'm willing to pay more to be in some good ones. Let me ask this....why when they show pictures of the apartments, they always have one of the pool, 5 of the lobby area of their office and then 1 of the grounds???? All places I'll see once a month! They make this so difficult!

    I've considered buying, but am not in the position to do that at this time in my life. Maybe in a year or two.

    Meanwhile, I am starting to panic just a tad as we are at 18 days and counting! Not to mention, my company's relocation company STILL hasn't contacted me!! And they won't tell me my fricken salary until the relocation company has a quote.

    Nothing like cutting it close!

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    Not Too Much To Say...

    Not much to least anything worth let's throw out a meme...

    [ ] I am bisexual or homosexual.
    [x] I've consumed alcohol.
    [ ] I've run away from home
    [x] I have lied to my parents about where I am.
    [ ] I listen to political music.
    [ ] I collect comic books.
    [x] I shut others out when I'm depressed.
    [ ] I open up to others easily.
    [ ] I am keeping a secret from the world
    [x] I watch the news.
    [ ] I own over 5 rap CDs.
    [x] I own an iPod or MP3 player
    [x] I own something from Hot Topic.
    [x] I love Disney Movies.
    [x] I am a sucker for hair/eyes
    [ ] I don't kill bugs.
    [x] I curse regularly.
    [x] I paid for that cell phone ring.
    [ ] I am a sports fanatic.
    [ ] I have “x”s in my screen name.
    [ ] I've slipped out a “lol” in a real conversation.
    [ ] I love Spam.
    [ ] I bake well.
    [x] I would wear pajamas to school/work.
    [ ] I own something from Abercrombie.
    [x] I have a job.
    [ ] I love Martha Stewart.
    [x] I am in love with love
    [x] I like to laugh.
    [ ] I smoke a pack a day.
    [ ] I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower.
    [ ] I loved Go Ask Alice.
    [ ] I can't swallow pills.
    [x] I eat fast food weekly.
    [ ] I have many scars.
    [x] I've been out of this country.
    [x] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
    [x] I am really ticklish.
    [ ] I see a therapist.
    [x] I love chocolate.
    [ ] I bite my nails.
    [x] I am comfortable with being me.
    [x] I play video games.
    [ ] Gotten lost in my city.
    [x] Saw a shooting star
    [ ] I Had a serious Surgery
    [x] Gone out in public in your pajamas
    [x] I have Kissed a Stranger
    [x] Hugged a stranger
    [x] Been in a fist fight
    [ ] Been arrested
    [x] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
    [x] Made out in an elevator
    [ ] Swore at your parents
    [x] Kicked a guy where it hurts
    [x] Been close to love
    [x] Been to a casino.
    [ ] Been skydiving
    [ ] Broken a bone
    [x] Skipped school
    [x] Flashed someone
    [ ] Saw a therapist
    [x] Played spin the bottle
    [ ] Gotten stitches
    [ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
    [x] bitten somebody
    [ ] Been to Niagara Falls
    [x] Gotten the chicken pox
    [ ] Crashed into a friend's car
    [x] Been to Japan
    [x] Ridden in a taxi
    [ ] Shoplifted
    [x] Been fired
    [ ] Ever had a crush on someone of the same sex
    [x] Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back.
    [ ] Stole something from your job
    [x] Gone on a blind date
    [x] Lied to a friend
    [ ] Had a crush on a teacher
    [ ] Celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans
    [x] Been to Europe
    [ ] Slept with a co-worker
    [ ] Saw someone dying
    [ ] Been to Africa
    [x] Driven over 400 miles in one day
    [ ] Been to Canada
    [x] Been to Mexico
    [x] Been on a plane
    [ ] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
    [x] Thrown up in a bar
    [ ] Eaten Sushi
    [ ] Been snowboarding
    [ ] Been Skiing
    [x] Met someone in person from the internet
    [ ] Been to a moto cross show
    [ ] Lost a child
    [x] Gone to college
    [x] Dropped out of high school/college
    [ ] Done hard drugs
    [x] Taken painkillers
    [x] Had someone cheat on you
    [x] Miss someone right now

    I stole this from Refractional Darkness.

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    September 11, 2005

    My Parents - Part Two

    See Part One HERE.

    What was my dad supposed to do? There he was, about to propose to his girlfriend and then he's offered the opportunity to meet the President?

    My dad politely declined the offer, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, in front of the Washington Monument.

    She said yes and as they were walking away from the monument, they walked past President Bush and the secret service agents, and were again given the opportunity to meet him. They did, and President Bush congratulated them on their engagement.

    They were married today - 12 years ago. On their 1 year anniversary, they returned to the Washington Monument and other memorials in D.C. When they returned to their Ford Bronco, they had found that someone had ignored the car alarm and broke into the truck.

    Luckily, they had only taken my stepmom's purse. They had missed my dad's wallet, the jewelry he had just bought her and the car phone! I remember them coming home that night with a window missing and my stepmom looking up people to call to report her credit cards and such stolen.

    Then, 4 years ago, they were at a cabin in Colorado to celebrate their 8th anniversary. I got a call from my father early that morning. He told me to turn on the news and briefed me on what happened. At the time, I worked on the Marine Corps base at 29 Palms. He said if I absolutely had to go to work, to be smart, listen to what any military personnel tells me, keep my eyes and ears open, and be safe.

    So needless to say, the wedding anniversary of two of the most important people to me is tarnished by evil. How do you celebrate when it's the anniversary of terror, evil and a time when our country lost so many lives; a day when our country changed.

    I called them today to wish them a happy anniversary. What are they doing today for their anniversary? They're going out to a BBQ joint for lunch.

    Thing's will never be the same....

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    Do You Like Cherry Popsicles?

    If so, I have a whole box of them!

    I don't like them. I don't like anything really with a cherry flavor.


    Cherry flavoring smells and taste like Children's Tylenol.


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    Cleaning Out the Fridge

    One of the many things I accomplished yesterday, was cleaning out the fridge and the cabinets.

    Why you ask? I'm not moving for another 3 weeks.

    Well, when you are single, not home, and don't cook tends to go bad. I'm talking some of the stuff you all by every time you go to the store, it goes bad in my house.

  • Butter - 1 tub only half used and 1 box of sticks of butter. Expired!
  • Pork chops - Were in the freezer...purchased them back in April.
  • Fajita steak - In the freezer, purchased back in February.
  • Frozen Chicken Breasts - In the freezer, purchased back in February. (full bag)
  • Frozen Chicken Tenderloins - In the freezer, purchased back in April. (full bag)
  • Box of 2 fish fillet I was going to try - never tried them...purchased back in February.
  • Box of Sausage links - tried them...nasty...purchased back in February
  • Jello! Expired!
  • Sliced cheese and sandwich meat - purchased who knows when

    I threw away a few other things that I won't eat between now and when I move. Just to get things cleaned up.

    In my freezer, we now have:

  • 1 Tostinos Pizza
  • 1 box of popsicles
  • 1 box of fudgesicles
  • half a bottle of vodka (which I can hardly look at right now with wanting to ralph)

    In my fridge:

  • 6 bottles of smirnoff ice (see comment above on vodka)
  • 1 bag of grapes
  • 1 package of deli cheese (that doesn't go bad until November, yeah!!
  • 1 bottle of jelly
  • 2 Tupperware containers of leftover Beefaroni (Bou's kids won't eat it, but I will! hehe)
  • 1 huge ass jar of applesauce! 50 oz for 97 cents!! I love applesauce!

    In the cabinets are a couple of cans of soup and some seasonings.

    I want to get rid of all of this before I leave.

    One last thought......Grilled Cheese Sandwiches SUCK without butter!!

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  • September 10, 2005

    My Parents - Part One

    After my parent's divorce, my dad was stationed at Henderson Hall, VA. It was there he met my future stepmom. Their first date was to tour Washington D.C.'s most beautiful sites.

    When it came time to propose, my dad had it planned out. It was the Marine Corps' birthday, November 10th. The date was obviously special to my dad. However, taking another look at the date, it combined two numbers.... 11 & 10. My stepmom was born on May 11th and my dad on June 10th.

    After the Marine Corps ball, my dad in his dress blues and his girlfriend in a gown, they went to Washington D.C.; specifically the Washington Monument. My father was anxious as he knew he was about to pop the question. All of a sudden, two secret service agents interrupted them. Noticing my father in his dress blues, they asked if he would briefly like to meet President Bush (senior). President Bush was doing a service there for the birthday of the Marine Corps.

    What was my dad supposed to do? There he was, about to propose to his girlfriend and then he's offered the opportunity to meet the President?

    Part Two tomorrow....

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    A Day of Success

    It's been a long time since I've had a day like this! If we can make it a full weekend, I'll be on cloud nine!

    I didn't have to travel at all this weekend! No commitments! A weekend to myself!

    I started off by sleeping in! You have no idea how great it felt to not wake up to a screaming buzzer! I took a nice, unrushed, hot shower!

    The weather was great, so I decided to spend a little time outside....laying out by the pool! It was perfect! Mid 80's, low humidity, no clouds and a light breeze! I did a little reading and a little napping! It was great!

    I spent some time online looking for a place to live. Not much luck yet. We'll see what phone calls I get back Monday.

    We finished our team project in class and I completed my final...two days ahead of schedule! That means I have two days to not even think about school until Tuesday, when my next class starts!!

    I've gotten miscellaneous cleaning and laundry done. Not quite done, but made a good dent!

    And then....what I've been putting off so long....BLOG MAINTENANCE!! I was able to figure out how to add a module for my side bars so I didn't have to update 4 templates every time I made a change to my side bar. I did some tiddying up of blogrolls, pictures, links and fonts. Wow, I feel so much better!

    Now that I have the module put in, I can consider doing the Word of the Week again. Haven't made up my mind yet...we'll see...

    I love successful days!!

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    September 09, 2005

    Texas Tech Bell Ringer

    Imagine this...

    You're a Texas Tech Freshman and you get the covetted spot as the football team's "BELLRINGER" during games.

    Your family, friends and about 15 million ESPN viewers will see you on a Saturday telecast ringing the team's bell...

    But to your family, friends and 15 million ESPN viewers you DO NOT APPEAR to be ringing the team's bell...

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    September 08, 2005

    Happy Birthday Bou!


    Today, is my blog mom's 40th birthday! Go wish her a happy birthday!! She deserves the best. can take a peek at what I got her in the extended entry...

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    September 07, 2005

    Personality Meme

    Blog Mom Bou tagged me with this Mega Meme

    I've completed it, it's in the extended entry. I didn't take the political compass quiz. I tried, but I didn't know what some of the questions even I didn't bother.

    As for tagging others? I'm thinking Napster & Spurs (if they ever get back to blogging and if they get time) and Prochein Amy.

    Overview: This post is a community experiment with two broad purposes. The first is to create publicly accessible data about bloggers’ personalities, which may have sociological value in addition to being just plain fun. The second is to track the propagation of this meme through blogspace. Full details and explanation can be found on the original posting:
    Instructions (to join in the experiment):

    1) Take the IPIP-NEO personality test and the Political Compass quiz, if you have not done so already.

    2) Copy to the clipboard that section of this post that is between the double lines, and paste it into your blog editor. (Blogger users may wish to use ‘compose’ mode to preserve formatting and hyperlinks. Otherwise, be sure to add hyperlinks as necessary.)

    3) Replace the answers in the “survey” section below with your own.

    4) Add your blog information to the “track list”, in the format: “Linked title - URL - optional GUID“.

    5) Any additional comments should go outside of the double lines, including the (optional) nomination of bloggers you wish to pass this experimental meme on to.

    6) Post it to your blog!





    ..Activity Level...........61



    Your score on Extraversion is average, indicating you are neither a subdued loner nor a jovial chatterbox. You enjoy time with others but also time alone.








    Your high level of Agreeableness indicates a strong interest in others' needs and well-being. You are pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative.








    Your score on Conscientiousness is average. This means you are reasonably reliable, organized, and self-controlled.










    ..Artistic Interests.......14





    Track List:

    1. Philosophy, et cetera
    2. Majikthise
    3. Ezra Klein
    4. Rox Populi
    5. Verbatim
    6. Black Currant Jam
    7. TypeBlogs
    8. Ramble Strip
    9. basil's blog
    10. My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
    11. Smoke Signals Blog
    12. Ogre's Politics and Views
    13. Boudicca's Voice
    14. And What Next...

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    Good News

    My dad, stepmom and sis are not moving from Phoenix! I am so relieved!

    My dad will be in charge of his own plant for his company in Phoenix. He wanted the one in TN, but he said he is happy I will be out there.

    I felt bad because both him and my stepmom wanted to move. So, I was excited over the phone that they weren't, and they still seemed a little down.

    My stepmom asked when I was going to come get Kiki because she is using the bathroom in the house. I don't get it, the dog is potty trained! She has finally figured out the doggy door, but doesn't use it when they are gone or at night when they are sleeping. I told her, until I get there, to keep her in a kennel when they are gone and let her out when they get home. Kiki will figure it out.

    It also turns out that Kiki doesn't care for small kids too much. She growls and Sis#2's friends. I think she's being protective of my sister as Kiki is quite protective of me. It's weird though. I've had Kiki around kids before and she's done fine. I just hate for Kiki to be a burden to my parents.

    Everything is coming along with the move and things should be finalized within the next few days.

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    September 05, 2005

    Karnival of Kidz

    Blogsis VW starts this week's Karnival of Kidz with Tot's ability to improvise. So many legos, not enough hands!

    PrimoDonna got to spend some quality time with the grandkids at the fair. She left out what her favorite ride was!

    Sally at Whimsy Capricious may have been slightly embarassed by Tara's theater skills, though great blog fodder! What Sally doesn't realize is that Tara's theater skills may be what decides her future retirement home! ;-) Ham it up Tara!

    AWTM's adorable son Dash is putting his sister up for sale. And I'm sure there are some takers with a face like that!

    And then Ponytailed Conservative shares a picture of his son at 6 months old. What a cutie.

    There you have it! Check out next week's Karnival of Kidz at Iowa Geek.

    Interesting in hosting? Good! Karnival of Kidz needs hosts! Go HERE for more details!

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    September 02, 2005

    Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

    Want to see what companies are doing for disaster relief?

    GO HERE to see a list of companies and what they are doing.

    Phin is auctioning off TWO Blog Makeovers. The Blog Design (and some additional maintenance) will be done by the Blog Design Gods of Apothegm Designs. Pixy Mesa is offering free hosting*. The proceeds will go to The American Red Cross or a charity of the winner's choice.

    Go on over and start bidding!

    UPDATE -

    I feel like a dummy! For some reason, I thought this was going on for a few days (I can't read). So, the auction is over! But, still go over and check out getting your blog pimped and how to donate to the red cross!

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    Address Books

    If you ever enter me in your address book, let me warn you now....

    Here are few scenarios from friends:

    B wrote my info in pen. BIG mistake. What does she use now? Computer labels (like address labels) and just sticks them over my previous address. How many does she have? 10 How long have I known her? 10 years (4 of those while in high school and 1 of those years she was my English teacher)

    V, who I have known for 5 years, was smart and wrote it in pencil. She was used to military families. Well, she wore a hole through the page and had to buy a new address book and re-write all of her addresses.

    S just assigns all the "odd" pages to me. Q, X, Y, and Z. Those are my pages :-)

    Then I have a couple of friends that just write it on a post-it note and stick it in the back of their address book.

    They all have better records of my previous addresses than I do!!

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    Hurry Up and Wait!!

    Hurry up and wait! The story of my life!

    I'm ready to go. When I say I want to do something, I want to do it NOW! Instant results, instant gratification!

    How the hell am I supposed sit around for 30 days waiting to move. Er! I could have been pack and in AZ by now! I'm a professional!

    I might not even have to pack if they work packers into my deal (which is looking good).

    So meanwhile, I have to tell the "Just Fuck It" voice in my head to shut up while at work. No burning bridges and no leaving my current boss and team in a bad position. But when it comes to doing the part of my job that sucks.... eh!

    So, 28 days and counting...

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    September 01, 2005

    I Love Google Bar

    I Love the Google Tool Bar! It has spell check now!

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    My Kind of Yoga

    In class, we started a discussion on How To Save Time. It basically was a mini-lesson of time management.

    Somewhere in the discussion, I said that I had to have my "Me" time. My time by myself, not talking to anyone. Mindless time in front of the TV or on the computer. Or driving, driving counts as "Me" time too!

    So others went on their rants on, "Oh, I have no time to relax." My thought? That's their problem. I prioritize time for this. I will often put it before school and work if it is in desperate need. I spent too many years of working and worrying myself into anxiety attacks and nervous breakdowns over things I can barely remember now.

    My instructor suggested yoga to me. He said he thought I would like it. I've never tried it. My first thought is I couldn't do that...I've heard it's hard. I felt like I would be too self-conscious which would not serve as relaxing for me.

    His exact words were:

    Sissy and all,

    You need Yoga!

    (yoga = A system of exercises practiced as part of this discipline to promote control of the body and mind. )

    I am not kidding. Mind is just another organ of the human body and in our society, we hardly teach people, ever, how to exercise the mind. All we do is keep dumping work on that organ.

    Is that fair?

    Thinking is not the total exercise for the mind. It definitely is a part. And there is different parts of the brain. e.g. even the memory aspect has long term and short term component, visual recall vs audio recall has different character, etc. And you all know about the Left and Right side of the brain, Al aspects of the brain, including the capability of focusing on a single thought or just letting it go completely blank, must be regularly exercised. The mind can even be trained to forget pain and continue to concentrate on the important task at hand (they always show this in spy movies but it a fact).

    What is worse in our society is that we do not teach our children what can really cause damage to the brain. Just like many other organs, brain is also very susceptible to many bad foods, drinks, drugs, etc.

    Doesn't what I am saying make sense? Think about it!

    I've never done Yoga, but it doesn't mean I don't do some of these things here.

    I don't do it as often as I would like, but my ultimate relaxation/brain work out deals with music.

    I turn off all the lights in my house. Totally dark so I can't look at something to create thoughts or think of something that needs done.

    I then put on some music. Usually something instrumental or new age. Something with distinguishable different instruments that I can get lost in.

    I recline in my sofa and listen. I have surround sound so the music literally surrounds me as I get lost. I listen to what each part is doing or what each instrument is doing, how they compliment each other and different techniques being used.

    This may seem like a lot of thinking, but I get lost in this. A lot of it is subconscious.

    Afterward, I feel as relaxed as if I would have had a full body massage. I'm at peace and am fresh. I feel as if I'm starting over brand new. Refueling I suppose.

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    Good News!

    Gas is only $2.65 in Yuma. I'm paying $2.99 + here! :-)


    Gas is now 3.59 here. It cost $60+ to fill up my tank today!

    I might be walking to Arizona!

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