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May 29, 2006

Disappointing Search Result

I don't write near as much as I used to for a few reasons. But what still cracks me up are the searches people do and somehow run into me.


  • #1 for Fart Ninja

  • #9 for an image search of USMC

  • #1 for Taco Rice

  • #1 for Texas Tech Bellringer

  • #5 & #6 for Girls in Panties.

  • #1 for Does Jello Go Bad

    And then random hits for any perverted phrase you can think of with "Sissy" in it.

    Man, never in my life did I think I could disappoint so many people!!

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  • May 27, 2006

    My Value

    When we were bought out by the new company, we all found out that they paid more. Everyone was excited on the thought of more money...

    Until we found out we weren't getting it. We were told they would re-evaluate later.

    Not the best answer, but I felt I made a decent amount, so I wasn't going to get upset over it.

    Until I found out I made less than their minimum for their managers...and I ran 2 stores!

    I brought it up a few weeks ago and my boss said they couldn't do anything about it right now but they would re-evaluate in a couple of months.

    You know what, fine! I'm leaving this summer anyway!

    Until the other day. My assistant manager is being promoted to manage one of my stores, and I'll be dropped to one store. (I've already fought this battle of losing a store...) I'm very proud of her!

    Well, since she still does report to me until June 1st, in our HR system I had a notice that her salary was changing June 1st and I needed to acknowledge that.

    What's her new salary? What I'm making now!

    That's right!

    What I'm making for running two stores.

    What I'm making with 5 years management experience.

    What I'm making with an education.

    Not to mention, she will get paid overtime because of the size of her store, where I will not.

    I'm trying to let it go. Really, I am. I know I'm leaving soon. But it pisses me off. I have been walked all over since the merger, abused and spent too much of my life trying to get things in order.

    So I've drafted an email. It's sitting in my draft folder for editing, additions or deletion.

    Damn I need out of here!

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    Was That Part of the Job Description?

    I have had to drive to Phoenix about twice a month for the past few months for meeting.

    6 Hours round trip!

    Thursday morning, I woke up at 5:30am to hit the road by 6am. The events started at 9:30am.

    The fore casted weather for the day? Clear, Sunny and 108 degrees!!

    On the agenda? 6 hours of Elementary Field Day like games with 60 other managers.

    I like team builders, and I like being active. Not necessarily in 100+ degree weather though.

    The director of my area says, "Sissy, this must be a vacation for you from Yuma."

    My reply, "Well, it would be except I don't do this kind of shit in Yuma!"

    There's nothing like being drenched in sweat, covered in sand, not being able to get a brush through your hair, sunburned, thirsty and covered in water balloons on a 3 hour drive home.

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    May 23, 2006

    Evolution of Dance

    You must see this freaking funny!

    How many of these dances do you admit to have done sometime in your past? ( won't ask you to admit if you presently do them!)

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    May 22, 2006

    The Freak Show

    I have noticed that my patience with people is slowly deteriorating. Sometimes, I'm among the public and find myself seriously wanting to ask others what their problem is. This isn't like me...or at least it wasn't.

    Today, I was doing a little shopping at Target. As I was grabbing some bottled water, there was a man, probably in his late thirties/early forties, with a cart full of crap groceries. I noticed him munching loudly on something and looked over to see him eating a bag of chips while shopping. A big bag, not paid for.

    Then I hear singing. I change aisles to see a guy, in his early twenties, rapping...badly. He had his iPod on and was rapping like he was in his car or in the shower. No shame. And it wasn't quiet. I moved over a couple of aisles and could still hear him.

    And as I was escaping, I was on one of the main pathways and saw a girl walking backwards....and a guy practically molesting her as they walked. They looked as if they were glued at the stomach...or other areas I suppose.

    I don't know when Target started attracting the freak shows, but I'm starting to shop online more and more!

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    May 21, 2006

    An Eventful Day

    I had to call the police twice yesterday while at work.

    As I drove up to the back of my store, I noticed the driver's side rear window was busted. There was glass all around the outside of the car and inside on the seat.

    I went inside to let the employee know. We were able to narrow down the time it happened, within a 45 minute time frame. She noticed a bag of tool worth about $700 were stolen. So, I called the police to come check it out. This is the 4th vehicle break-in in the past year. So from now on, no parking or hanging out in the back.

    Then, as I was walking out to my car for lunch, an elderly lady ran into the store asking us to call 911 as another lady locked her baby in her truck. So I ran out there while calling the police, who is now programmed in my phone due to all the bad customers in the past. This lady had a huge Yukon Denali. She was leaning against the windows to see inside, where there was a 2 year old little girl sipping on her water cup. Did I mention it was 104 degrees outside?While I'm talking to the dispatch, they ask how long the kid has been in there and I ask the lady, and she replies about 4 minutes. While waiting, I'm trying the comfort the lady. After a couple of minutes, I realized she didn't understand a word I was saying as she didn't understand English. The police arrived quickly. The police officer was trying to ask her if she had On-Star after noticing the antenna on the truck. She wasn't understanding that. I ran into my store to get a translator. In the 30 seconds I was gone, another police car, 2 fire trucks and an ambulance were there. While the police officer was on the phone trying to get to On-Star while the firemen started taping up a window and trying to wedge something between the door and the frame while tons of other rescue people were looking into the window to see if the baby was okay.

    The firemen told the police officer he had 60 seconds to get On-Star to pop the locks or they were breaking the window. Meanwhile, the lady is crying and not understanding one bit what is going on. Then the doors were unlocked. Every door was opened by a rescue person and the baby was removed.

    I hope and pray that the lady seriously just stepped out of her truck and shut the door before getting the baby instead of leaving her in there while going inside the store. The baby was smart, sipping on her water. I can't sit in my truck with no air for 5 minutes...I couldn't imagine being the kid!

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    Sleepless Saturday Night

    Angel knocked on my door this morning at about 3:30 am. She told me the dogs were going ballistic and that she heard voices outside. In my sleepy stupor, I asked if she could see anything. I guess everything was alright because I feel back asleep and she didn't end up coming to get me.

    I was supposed to go see a friend in San Diego tonight. For some reason, I just wasn't up for making the trip, so I cancelled. Then, me and a couple others were going to go see Thunder from Down Under at the casino. Those plans fell through. Angel went to Phoenix to see some friends, so I am home alone.

    This is a fairly big house. So every time the dogs bark or every time I hear a noise, I sit in silence for a moment for what else I might hear.

    So, here's to every light outside being on, to every door lock triple checked, TV to keep my mind off the noises and the dogs sleeping in my room tonight!

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    May 18, 2006

    Sucky Comments

    I give up!!

    I promise I'm not as rude as I seem! I've tried to leave comments at many sites, and can't! And I'm getting fricken tired of it!

    I get random errors. Nothing telling me that what I've written is wrong...just telling me an error.

    Some sites work, some sites don't. And I can read others' comments, so it's not happening to everyone.

    But it's starting to piss me off!

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    May 17, 2006

    Life & Chocolate

    Heard from Angel today:

    "Life is like a box of chocolates.... never know when you're gonna get the shitty piece with the cherry in it."

    Or in my case....

    the one that's dark chocolate.

    the one with nuts.

    the one with with fruit.

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    2 Week Torture

    I heard from the potential future employer today. Instead of a yay or nay...I gotta,

    Recruiter: "Can we fly you out to Kansas City June 2nd?"

    Me: "Sure, no problem!"

    Recruiter: "Ok. We'll have our travel people give you a call to set it all up. They'll probably have a car waiting for you at the airport to take you to the office."

    Me: "Okay, great!"

    Recruiter: "Alright, well you will be getting an email soon. Have a great one!"

    That was it. Didn't know why I was going, what I needed to bring, how long I was staying...anything. I was caught a little off guard.

    After calling Mo with the news, she strongly suggested I call back to get more details.

    And I did. Maybe I shouldn't have....'cause now I feel as if I need to throw up, or spend time in the bathroom, or scream out of pure and utter chaos and craziness.

    So, on June 2nd, I will be interviewing with the Sr. Manager, their director, an account manager and the VP over that channel.

    Now, I have some sick friends that find this exciting. I have some sick friends that think I have nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, the next 2 weeks for me are going to be ridiculous!

    No amount of good words seem to help. I know, the minute I step into the room, I'll put all the nerves, low self-esteem, concerns and worries away. But until then, they are in full force!

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    May 15, 2006

    New Plans

    I'm hoping to get a call this week from the potential new employer. It's funny, everyone has a good feeling about it...but me. I don't know why I don't, but I don't.

    But I have to get out of here. I just do.

    So, with or without a job, I have about 3 weeks left here. I'm waiting this week to hear from the company and if not, I'm going to go ahead and put in my notice.

    I've done the math, put together a budget, and I should be good to go. I'm hoping I can fit everything into a U-Haul trailer and make the trip east. I'd get to take my time, stopping to see Spurs & Napster, my grandmother, my uncle and his family, my dad/stepmom/sis, and my mom/stepdad/sis.

    It's a leap of faith but it's also necessary for my sanity.

    So the next few weeks will be wrapping things up, finishing this class, packing odds and ends, and TONS of job searching.

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    The Downward Spiral

    In college, I had this friend that was just a few doors down from me in the dorm. She was super smart, taking tons of advanced courses, and loads of fun.

    I goofed up in college, big time! I didn't study. Why study? I got good grades in high school without studying, why would I need to study in college?

    I also skipped classes. 8 am classes are never a good idea. Neither is an overloaded schedule given to you by your academic counselor.

    I also was dealing with my own personal demons...the first time I was able to deal with them on my own, away from home.

    AND I was dating a complete and utter waste of oxygen! A 21 year old high school drop out with piercings. Hey! He could get us beer!

    Anyway, as you can see...I was screwing up my first year of college...badly! And my friend couldn't stand to see it.

    Then, one day when I should have been in class, my roommate walked in on me and the waste of oxygen, well...let's just say this is why most college roommates have "signals" now.

    Later that evening, my friends brought me to the floor CA to talk to intervene. Their attempt at trying to pull me out of a downward spiral.

    My friend stated then that she couldn't watch me do this to myself. She loved me and cared about me but couldn't stand by while I threw everything away.

    I hated her. I didn't think she had any right to take her friendship away because of my own decisions.

    It took me years to understand why! And now I understand more than ever!

    When you are a close friend of mine, my friendship is unconditional. I will do absolutely anything I can to help out and be there for you. And time nor distance changes that. I forgive and forget despite the hurt it may cause me later but feel better than I have done so.

    But there does come a time when it is painful to watch someone you love so much in that downward spiral. It's not a matter of being right or wrong, or trying to convert them to your way of life or beliefs... is just simply painful to watch that person not value, respect or love their self enough to get out of a truly unhealthy situation. To ignore black & white facts, lies, and gut feelings.

    And I want to help, and I want to make everything better! I want to protect and make it all ok! But to see someone refuse the help and continue on in that downward spiral is so hard.

    And I know all of the advice....they'll handle it when they are ready, you can't change people, all you can do is be there and listen, etc. I know all of this. But it doesn't change how hard it is to sit back and watch.

    But now, I have to take care of me. I have to continue to not let myself fall. I will always be there, but now I'm stepping back and away.

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    May 13, 2006

    DUI Car Wash

    My friend's brother (we'll call him Nemo) made a BIG mistake the other night. He's in his early twenties, has a 2 year old at home that his mom takes care of and still lives at home.

    He was driving home from a party after a night of drinking last weekend. While on the road, he thought he closed his eyes just for a second...and then woke up in the canal!

    He was arrested and put in jail overnight, where he got the nickname Nemo for "swimming" in the canal.

    His punishment? They will send him to Phoenix where he will spend a weekend in jail...the weekend has yet to be determined. He pays a $2000-$3000 fine and will be on probation for the next 2 or 3 years and his license suspended for the next few months.

    His vehicle has also been impounded and will take almost another $1000 to get it out, not to mention how much it will cost to fix the damage to it.

    When she told me this, I didn't feel sorry for him. He made a stupid, stupid that not only hurts him but hurts a lot of other people in his life and could of potentially hurt many others.

    But this isn't what shocked me. Nope.... The following is what did the trick!

    His buddies, probably the same ones that were at the party, are holding a car wash to help him pay for this!

    I had to laugh! What are the signs going to say? What are they going to tell the establishment when they ask to have their car wash there?

    I just don't get it...

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    May 10, 2006

    Celebrate the Loss

    I've lost a decent amount of weight since I've been here...with little effort. I guess between living with others and not raiding the fridge whenever you want, working long hours and constantly on the go, and getting home so late you don't want to eat you just want to go to bed, it makes sense. I'd say it's been one of the few benefits of being in Yuma.

    Although, 3 weeks ago, I wanted to see if I could speed up the process a little bit. Angel has weight she wants to lose before they get stationed in Hawaii, and I joined along in hopes of being a smaller me when I get back to the east coast.

    So, we've been eating a lot healthier, cutting our daily calories in half. We've also being going to Curves 3 times a week and to the gym 5-6 times a week. I've gotten a bit addicted to the Elliptical Machine as well as another machine that's like an Elliptical but is more like climbing stairs. I never thought I'd be addicted to machines that make me sweat!

    Then I got on this kick on how much easier it would be to eat healthy if I liked vegetables. And I truly hate them. But I've been trying. I even asked my stepmom to fax me a recipe of a vegetable chili she makes, thinking it might be easier to force them down if they were with other things.

    So I called her the other day and she answered laughing, "Are you calling to yell at me too?" I asked what about. She said that my dad had "yelled" at her for not faxing me the recipe. I told her I was calling to remind her, but no yelling here.

    But then I thought about it. My dad is a very busy man. He can't remember the name of the company I applied for. But he remembered that I asked my stepmom to fax me a healthy recipe?

    I then realized how important to him it was that I lose the weight. I thought more and realized that it's always been important to him.

    I recently remember being in 4th/5th grade, right before my parents divorced. My dad used to time me running from our back porch to the basketball court and back and then do 20 pushups. He said if I lost 20lbs he would give me $20.

    I never made it.

    I look back now and think about how much 20lbs really is...especially for a 9 or 10 year old. I don't remember being a big girl then....I don't think I was. I'll have to look up some pictures when I go home. I have pictures on my computer up to 1st grade and I never who knows...

    My dad was young....and a young Marine at that. Where fitness is everything and image is a lot! My mom was stick thin! STICK! Not anymore....

    So I've looked at how to reward myself, or rather celebrate, each time I reach a goal. And then realized...I had no need to. The bigger pants, fitting into old clothes, looking and feeling better was/is the celebration for me. Well, that and shopping for new clothes! :-)

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    May 07, 2006

    Catch Up in 15 Points!

  • I have short-timers disease. BAD! I don't even know for sure yet if/when I'm leaving (praying it's June 1st). Won't know until I hear back on how my 2nd interview went.

  • I've been working out like a fiend and I find when I try to take a day of rest like today, I am tired and grumpy.

  • I have been sneaking out of work to work out. In my head, that's a reasonable excuse.

  • My boss is visiting Tuesday. Do you think she'd be cool with me leaving for a couple of hours to go stare at cute, sweaty Marines working out exercise? Trust me, it'd make her visit a lot more tolerable!

  • I bought tons of different types of vegetables yesterday, to try. I HATE vegetables. Despise. Don't want them near my plate or with in a smelling radius. But, tonight, we are having a vegetable tasting to see if I can put some of those feelings aside. I'm sure that'll be a blog entry in itself...possibly with pictures.

  • I think workman's compensation should be considered when you are required to travel 3 hours to go play softball in Phoenix in the middle of the afternoon in 100+ degrees. Hell, at least pay for my solarcaine.

  • My fellow managers think I have a power swing. But they don't see my inability to use my right arm the next day...

  • I have banned myself from a particular wonderful mall in Phoenix. I will be going in disguise in 2 weeks so Angel and I can take Napster. Don't tell Spurs!

  • I think I found a place that will deliver carne asada when I move. I seriously think I will have withdrawal if I don't have a steady supply.

  • If I hear one more Mexican say, "They like our food but they don't want us here," I'm going to scream. I never said I didn't like you here, I just don't like you here illegally. Educate yourself on the issue before you open your mouth!

  • I turn from Sissy to Bitch in 2.5 seconds when I walk outside anywhere between 10am and 7pm. It's that godawful hot!

  • I would leave tonight if I knew I had a source of income where ever I ended up.

  • I always find time to blog when homework is due.

  • I sat down to start working on homework 3 hours ago.

  • I haven't even logged into the class yet!

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  • May 01, 2006

    The Day Is Done

    CalTechGirl says it best here. Short and funny!

    Last night, I thought I had driven into Mexico when stopping to get gas at a station right up the street. Tons of Mexicans getting as, blaring Mexican music. I'm guessing Sunday's financial statements may look decent for some businesses!

    I had one person call-in today at 5:15 this morning. I still do not know if today's protest was the reason, or something else. But trust me, he has an appointment with me tomorrow and you can guaran-damn-tee that he's not going to like it. It is our right to protest...I have no problem with that. But you tell me that then. You tell me that today is important to you and that you will find someone to cover your shift....especially when you are in a supervisory role!

    And BTW, calling me at 5:15 in the morning sure as hell is not going to make me want to help you out!

    So thanks to my early wake up call, I went to the gym in the morning. All the old ladies going around the circuit could talk about was this protest. I even overheard one say that she was considering not crossing the border to by her medication anymore. CONSIDERING?!? hahahah

    When I arrived at my store and opened the doors for business, I saw on the main drag a parade of white shirts with American and Mexican flags hootin' and hollerin' down the road.

    There were a few stragglers stopping, in their white shirts and posters, at the corner coffee shop.... haha

    And then it's a good thing I am dieting and didn't want McDonalds today because they were closed!! Yea, that's right, closed!

    You know who I'd really like to protest? The snowbirds! I want them to boycott the businesses and walk down the streets.

    Then I could get through town and get shopping done any a normal, speedy fashion!

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    The Heat Is On

    If you watch the Weather Channel, particularly the nationwide weather, you will see Yuma being mentioned for one of the hottest cities in the country.

    99 Today. Yep, 99.

    Just thought I'd mention that...

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