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June 20, 2007

Are You The Right Match For A Billionaire?

My dad bought a subscription to Money Magazine for both my sister and me.

It's a pretty easy read despite the sometimes difficult topic. However, today's has an article titled How to Marry a Billionaire. Of course, that's the page I turned to first. It is there I also find the following quiz:

Are You The Right Match For A Billionaire

1) What type of relationship are you looking for?

a. Friendship
b. Friendship with benefits
c. Marriage
d. Meal Ticket

2) Where do you go when you want a little snack?

a. My fridge for carrot sticks
b. McDonald's for fries
c. La Grenouille for quenelles of pike Lyonnaise
d. My room at the Georges V in Paris for beluga caviar (banned in the U.S.)

3) Where's your favorite place to shop?

a. Thrift store for vintage T-shirts
b. Mall of America for imitation vintage T-shirts
c. Prada Epicenter Store in L.A.
d. My living room when Zac Posen comes to fit me

4) What do you like to read?

a. Anything Oprah recommends
b. What the New Yorker recommends
c. Hedge Funds for Dummies
d. Real estate listings for villas on the Cote d'Azur

5) What's your ideal pet?

a. I am not into pets; they could ruin my Nain rug
b. Goldfish (gold-get it?)
c. A stable of Arabians
d. The wild Bactrian camel

6) What's your favorite physical activity?

a. Skiing in Gstaad (St. Moritz is just too crowded)
b. Eighteen holes at St. Andrews Golf Club
c. Weight lifting in my 2,000 square-foot home gym with Jamie, my personal trainer
d. Tantric yoga

7) What do you see as a perfect date?

a. A candlelight dinner on the terrace of a seaside restaurant
b. A baseball or football game
c. Lunch at the Four Seasons, followed by a stroll around Christie's or Sotheby's
d. A flight to New York City aboard a private jet to attend La Traviata

Answers Below...

1) c. You want commitment. The big money lies in marriage - ask any divorce lawyer.

2) a. You are a simple, down-to-earth girl (or boy), plusyou will never have a weight problem.

3) a. No way you can keep up with the clothing budget of the regulars on the billionaire circuit. Go for boho chic instead.

4) b. Brains are definitely in. Also good: phrases like "During my internship at the Institute of Advanced Study..."

5) d. Show your philanthropic side with your affection for these two-humped Mongolian natives, an endangered species.

6) d. Let your billionaire imagine the possibilities.

7) b. A billionaire usually owns the team.

Posted by Sissy at June 20, 2007 06:20 PM | TrackBack

As a Billionaire, I resent these condescending questions. The only thing that matters is boobies. Heh...

Posted by: spurs at June 21, 2007 04:27 PM

Does this mean you are marrying a Billionaire?

Posted by: Contagion at June 21, 2007 06:41 PM
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