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August 14, 2005

Meeting Bloggers

After tons of schedule confusion on my part, I was finally able to meet Songstress and her Hubby of News From The Great Beyond.

We went to dinner at Kona Grill, a place they were enthused to try after hearing it on the radio.

The food was delicious. I was adventurous and tried a noodle dish that I surprisingly liked! Songstress also ordered fish while Hubby ordered different types of sushi rolls. I wasn't feeling *that* adventurous :-)

These two are a very sweet couple! They told intriguing stories of how they met, were engaged and married. Wonderful stories!

He had me cracking up the whole night with great wise cracks here and there!

Then, unfortunately, the evening had to end as I had my family waiting on me after a short 2 hour meeting.

But, I am glad I went and glad to know they are here each time I come to Phoenix!

Posted by Sissy at August 14, 2005 01:32 PM | TrackBack

Awww!!! Thanks! We had a great time too! :)

Posted by: songstress7 at August 14, 2005 05:56 PM

You met Songstress and Hubbyhead!

That sushi reminds me of my craving for Wasabi. I don't know what it is about Wasabi, but man I love that stuff.

Posted by: Bou at August 14, 2005 09:49 PM

I'll echo Songstress, we had a great time meeting you and hangin' out, Sissy! Let's do it again sometime soon! :)

Oh, and Bou, one of my sushi rolls had a "green-tea wasabi vinaigrette" sauce with it. I bet you'd really enjoy it, so now you'll like, have to come out here too or something. :D

Posted by: Hubby Head at August 14, 2005 10:58 PM

So I take it she's as sweet in person as she is on her blog?

Posted by: Harvey at August 15, 2005 10:01 PM

Yes, she is just as nice as she is on her blog! Maybe even more so... :-)

Posted by: Sissy at August 16, 2005 05:48 PM

Now y'all are making me blush! :)

Posted by: songstress7 at August 16, 2005 09:44 PM