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May 25, 2005


You may remember, if you've been reading a while, a post I did on a pregnancy scare about two months ago. Probably the funniest post I've had to date.

That's the first thing that came to mind today when a girl at work told me she was having symptoms. She already has a beautiful 18 month old boy. I asked her if she had taken a home pregnancy test and she said yes...she had taken a few.

Well?? What did they say?

They all said mixed things! One was negative, one would be positive, one was mixed (how can it be mixed?) She told me she bought quite a few of them for that reason, from the dollar store?

FROM THE DOLLAR STORE??? What in the world? First of all, why is the dollar store carrying pregnancy tests. What are they made of that they can sell them for a $1. Hell, give me the $1 and I'll tell ya if your pregnant...just as accurate!

So, after taking her out to lunch and to buy our lotto tickets for tonight (our Wed routine), I took her to the drug store to get a REAL test. The one I used before with the last pregnancy scare. Because we all know I'm a pro! ;-)

We came back to work, I again explained how this thing works (EPT should hire me!), and she took it. The girl about fell out when it came up PREGNANT!!! Wooowhooo!!!

Her husband just got back from Iraq about 2 months ago, and they've been wanting another kid, so I'm so very happy for them.

Posted by Sissy at May 25, 2005 09:11 PM

I'll tell you what my doctor told me... there's never a false positive. There can be false negatives, but not positive.

And I am curious about these $1 EPTs! Good Grief!

Posted by: Boudicca at May 25, 2005 09:25 PM

I just see a lot of practical joke potential with $1 knocked up tests.

Posted by: Contagion at May 26, 2005 08:25 AM