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May 28, 2005

Day 1 of Vacation

Day 1 was mostly catching up on sleep! A 12 hour drive in the middle of the night will do that to you.

However, when I woke up about noon, we went outside and played some softball. My parents live on base housing and their backyard is seperated by a fence from a warehouse and a big field. So we were batting to where are balls would go out into the field.

We made Sis #1's ex-boyfriend go out in the field of dreams...practically, the grass was up to his waist! He had to chase the balls out there. This was just more motivation for us to hit them out there!

I haven't swung a bat in 10 years. Damn am I sore now! I mean, parts of me that haven't been used...well, ever! My right forearm is even sad!

I did a little pitching. I pitched to my stepdad first as he knew which ones to hit as to not hit me!

Mom....not so much. Line drive into the knee! Big ole goose egg!

After softball, it was time for Taboo...a favorite board game of the family. I hate to brag (wait, no I don't!) but I always win. Not matter who my partner is...I always win!!

After that, mom made one of my many favorite meals of hers, Taco Rice. I'll have to put this in for the Carnival of Recipes; so easy yet so good! As we ate, we watched Phantom of the Opera, which I loved! If you see it, make sure you have enough time, patience and prior sleep to sit through the whole thing...but it is well worth it.

And that was it for Day 1...not a bad start if I say so myself!

Posted by Sissy at May 28, 2005 11:59 PM