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June 11, 2005

The End of My Vacation

I'm tired! This has been a long 2 weeks! I need to rest up tonight to drive back to South Carolina bright and early tomorrow morning. I'm hoping I can avoid as much rain as possible. However, it's not looking too likely as they are calling for lots of rain and thunderstorms through eastern TN and KY.

I didn't get to post from my dad's but we still had a great time. We spent a lot of time in the pool in that Phoenix heat. We did some shopping, saw a Diamondbacks game (best ballpark so far!), celebrated my dad's 43rd birthday and had fun just playing games, swimming and hanging out. We went to see The Longest Yard. Hilarious! You must see it!

Dad gave me $100 in one's (what a sense of humor) for my birthday that's in July. I think they had fun just watching me try and pay for things with all ones. I'd love to know what the cashiers thought!

Overall, I have had a great time but am very drained. I didn't get any time to just sit around on my ass and just chill. So I am looking forward to getting home, catching up on my TV shows that were Tivo'd, and sitting on my rump reading some blogs. I can't wait to be back in my bed, sit on my couch, watch my TV, use my shower, and just chill in silence for a little bit.

Posted by Sissy at June 11, 2005 10:09 PM

getting payment for items in all ones is sort of a blurse for cashiers. If we're low on ones its great because then we don't have to take the time to request more from the cash office (or at Meijer, the podium) but if we have too many ones, then its a pain in the ass because we start running out of room for them.

Posted by: Aris_Ravencroft at June 12, 2005 12:11 AM

At least his didn't give you the $100 in rolls of quarters! That would have really made it interesting for the cashiers!

Posted by: RP at June 12, 2005 08:27 AM

Suggestion for your dad:

$2 bills

Sacagawea Gold Dollars

Posted by: Harvey at June 12, 2005 11:04 AM

Yes, the Gold Dollars are the best for entertainment. I've had places question their value - often.

And Sissy, you forgot to wave when you drove past!

Posted by: Ogre at June 14, 2005 07:20 AM