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May 22, 2005

No cool tag line

Dave over at Third World County has a link to an article by Bill Whittle that kicks ass. I haven't figured out how to do the linky thing yet(Sissy's gonna give me a crash course) but you really should crusie over to his site and check it out.

The "Land That Time Forgot" TX has 351 churches in the Yellow Pages. I counted. With a population of around 200K that means there's a church for every 570 people. And yet there are only 2 listed "Gentlemen's Clubs".........
Another funny thing is that you can by an adult beverage in a bar or restaurant but not, I repeat not, in a grocery store or convenience store. I guess you're better off getting juiced up in a bar and driving home than simply having a drink at home.
Sports Illustrated did an article about High School football stadiums. And in Denton, TX they just opened a $18.3 million, 12,000 sseat facility that has 2 VIP suites and a $900K scoreboard. Holy Crap!! I guess no child will be left behind as long as he can rush for 2000 yards and 20 TD's.
It's hot here. Really hot. I'm from the South and have experienced my fair share of heat but this is face of the sun hot. With my Irish lineage you could say I'm melanin challenged. O.K. I'm Capt. Whitey. Since I've been here I've developed a Farmer's Tan from simply driving to and from work. Napster thinks it's funny.
The other day I jumped in the car and put on my shades(that were sitting on the dash) and almost burned off both of my ears. Went to sit on our deck in the chairs made from metal and branded my damn leg.
The nights however, are great. Once the sun dips below the horizon the temp drops to about 65 and dig this sports fans, No Mosquitos, I repeat for Sanddollar No Freaking Mosquitos!!

I off to put salve on my ears......

Posted by Sissy at May 22, 2005 07:03 PM