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May 19, 2005

My Second Wind

I fell off the horse this week! I've been going at full speed for about 6 weeks now, working out, eating right, being healthy in general.

This week I fell hard. I did the very minimum this week at Curves, only doing 30 minutes on Sunday and Monday. I used my exhaustion as an excuse not to go, although it's not like I caught up on any sleep while NOT being at the gym.

And oh, what I've eaten. I've actually felt it! I've had more sugar than normal this week, and it has really messed up my stomach. If I had anything greasy, I would just feel queasy afterward. I haven't been drinking enough water and have even noticed a difference in my complexion.

Damn Taco Bell being right down the street from me. did I mention I love their new Chicken Club Chalupa! And I had Cajun food for the first time this week. The receptionist at work took me to some hole in the wall place that served fried turkey wings and jambalya. Oh, and chocolate. Yea, I'm sure I had some chocolate this week.

And then I've read some of the comments from the Competition posts over at Bou's, VW's, and Amy's and felt like a heel!

So tomorrow, it's time to start kicking ass!! I'm sleeping in tomorrow to make sure I get enough sleep, going to Curves first thing in the morning and going to the workout center at my apartment in the afternoon. I have a fridge ready with tomatoes and cucumbers, watermelon and bananas, chicken breasts, and many many bottles of water!!

I go on vacation for 2 weeks Memorial Day Weekend. June 1st, I drive to Chicago to attend my sister's High School graduation, spend some time with family and meet some of the Bad Example Family. Then I fly to Phoenix to visit more family.

This vacation was my big lose two sizes (since April 1) before my sister's graduation, before I saw my family, met some new people, and jumped into a swimsuit in Phoenix.

So, it's hardcore these next two weeks! I'll be posting on how it goes. Meanwhile ladies...keep it going!!

Posted by Sissy at May 19, 2005 10:14 PM