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May 18, 2005

Moving Again!

Guess what!?!

I'm packing! Yes, I'm packing. I just did this 7 months ago, then 3 months before that, then 14 months before that! Do I have enough crap???

So where am I moving to? I've talked about Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, and Washington. Take a wild guess. Probably the worst place you can imagine, right??

But this place, this place I think I'll actually like! Little higher class, safer area, cost of living is the same, not too far from my friends and it looks like I'll meet some new neighbors.

You would think this move would be so much easier than the past moves! Maybe physically easier, but oh brain is throbbing!

Luckily, I have some moving help and even some interior design help. I lack creativity! I mean, I still don't have curtains in my current place (seriously, for real...thank goodness for blinds)

So this move...what's keeping me from blogging as frequently as usual.

I'm off to Munu! Along with the majority of the Bad Example Family. This is what I have been racking my brain about for the past 3 days. My computer has a couple of bruises from my, um...frustrations.

I've been practically whoring myself around for help! I had one brilliant man help with the move and get me set up with a format that I like. A few changes and it'll be home. Then, I have someone else helping with the interior design. She has amazing talent.

I am keeping their names private to protect them....unless they don't mind being given up. And if they don't mind, they are getting all the linky lovin' they can stand, plus a special part of my new home for my Blog heroes!

So, I'm going to let Spurs clean the joint up while I stand back and make sure he doesn't miss anything. You know those inspections can be a bitch! Once he's done cleaning the place up, hopefully we can get him off the bottle and onto the big boy sippy cup!

Posted by Sissy at May 18, 2005 09:12 PM