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May 16, 2005

A Possible New Blogger

Okay, I need a little help here from the cheering section.

Cowboy has mentioned to me on several occasions how he has considered starting a blog. Then he brings up every excuse there is not've all heard it all before.

I offered him the opportunity to guest blog at And What Next... to see if he liked it first, get a little readership, and then consider starting his own (knowing he would be awesome and get tons of support from the family)

His fiance, Napster, even came up with a name for him. The Angry Cock. Let me explain this one. He graduated from and is a huge fan of University of South Carolina, the Fighting Gamecocks!

He's really not so much angry, but likes to go on rants. Well voiced and logical rants. I wouldn't give him the key to the joint if I didn't trust him. This guy is funny as hell and can put a hilarious spin on just about anything.

He would certainly take care of what I don't write about, opinions, etc. I'm a bit selfish and tend to talk about ME! :-) So it'd be a good balance until I can talk him into moving his shit and getting his own place.

I think he's fearful that he may scare some of my readers away. He his quite vocal! I told him if he did, no problem, I'd change the locks. Plus I'm moving soon anyway :-)

So if you have any helpful advice, or even a swift kick in the shorts for Cowboy, leave it in the comments.

Posted by Sissy at May 16, 2005 07:54 AM