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May 09, 2005


Okay, so Blog Mom Bou and Blog Sis VW have a competition to see who will get to their goal weight first. They both have multiple posts smack talking, talking about who has the upper hand and even posting their weights.

Posting my weight is where I drew the line. But I will use them as motivation and will post how my days go for support.

Well, other than my day from hell, it was a good day health/fitness wise. I spent 30 minutes at Curves and did 100 crunches all before 8am. I went to Curves again after work and did another 30 minutes (my schedule wouldn't allow me to do an hour) and did another 100 crunches. I had planned to spend another 30-60 minutes in the fitness center at my apartment, but my day from hell did not allow that.

I could have used a few more calories today as a piece of toast with jelly and my fruit was surely not enough. However, I refuse to eat right before bed. I'll make time tomorrow.

I'd like to go to the fitness center in the morning before my class, but I fear with me getting to bed late, the chance that my truck won't start and having to drive 30 minutes to my class that starts at 8am, it might not be likely. It may have to wait until after work :-(

VW is at her mom's this week with all those fried foods. But she says she's ready!

Keep it going girls!

Posted by Sissy at May 9, 2005 11:59 PM