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April 24, 2005


I am exhausted! I know I'm supposed to be full of energy, but I feel like I could go into hibernation right now.

Monday - Wednesday I was getting ready for all the trainers to come visit Columbia, setting up hotels, scheduling training for 120 people next week, amongst other things. A little busier than usual. And then I insisted on going to the gym every morning, meaning I had to get up at 6 am (something I never do!) and I would also go for an hour after work. Thursday rolled around, went to the gym and then I met with all the trainers. Lots of personalities being thrown different was just one of those meetings that just drain you of all your energy. I unfortunately didn't get to go to the gym in the afternoon because I didn't finish until like 7:30pm (and they close at 7:30).

There was a reason for not getting to leave the office until 7:30. Do you think we met until 7:30? Of course not! There was a scheduling goof (on my companies part) with an outside trainer to be here Friday and Saturday. I called her on Thursday to see when she needed me there to let her in, and she was told to be here next week. Luckily, this woman is awesome! She didn't get overworked about it, scheduled a flight, packed her stuff and we saw her on Friday morning like there was nothing ever wrong. However, since she wasn't there on her schedule, we were missing supplies, had to do the room set up, etc. The other trainers helped decorate the room and left, while Ebony and I stayed until 7:30 binding participant guides.

The next morning, I got up at 6 again to go to the gym, and got held up by an elderly lady. She wanted to chat and chat, and I was trying to be nice...but really was on a tight schedule. I rushed home, and I had forgotten to iron the shirt I wanted to wear. So, I brought the shirt in the bathroom, hung it, and turn the shower on as hot as I could take it so it would steam the shirt. Well, that didn't work so I ended up sticking in the dryer. However, it's hard to put make up on in a hurry when you are sweating hot. Plus I was rushed! I ran out the door with my yogurt breakfast and got caught by not one, but two trains! I was trying to get to work by 7:45 to let the outside trainer it to prepare for an 8:30 start. I didn't end up making it until 8am.

However, I was still rushed, so I was still doing the sweating thing while rushing around. I hate that! We had a full day of class and then stayed after with the outside trainer discussing parts of the class to get certified the next day. I don't believe we were out of there until again about 7 or so. So of course, I didn't get to go to the gym (it closes at 7 on Fridays)

Then there is Saturday. I haven't had to work a Saturday since last July. This totally through my schedule off. We were all at work being certified to train a class from 8am-3pm. After 3, everyone went there separate ways except for one of the new trainers. This girl had a rough week being thrown into training without any prep or anything. I felt bad for her. So that night, she didn't want to be by herself. I took her to dinner, we went to the mall and got a manicure and pedicure, went to a couple of bars and I finally dropped her off at midnight. The next day she wanted to do stuff (new town to her, doesn't know where to go) so we went to the zoo (llama pictures coming soon), went to lunch, went to the office to prepare for tomorrow class, went driving around downtown, went to dinner, brought my dog to the park, and I finally dropped her off at 7:30.

I am freaking worn out!! I haven't been to spend any time by myself at home! Then this week, I'm training M-Wed straight and still plan on getting up at 6 so I can go to the gym and go after class. So let's just say I cannot wait until Thursday! It may be a work day but my ass is sleeping in! I will need Thursday-Sunday to prepare for my trip to Kill Me, TX next week, all week!

So they may say the young have energy....but I'm freaking exhausted!

Posted by Sissy at April 24, 2005 07:43 PM