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April 05, 2005

Daddy's Girl

I just received my Easter package from my stepmom, dad and sister. Yea, I know it's a little late, but it's just really great to get packages or any type of mail for that matter.

I open up the package and there are two cards, one for Easter and one that said Way to Go for getting my AA. My stepmom is very crafty - she does scrap books, crafts around the house, and makes her own cards. Serious cards. Like, pasting objects on them, sewing stuff on there, stickers and stamps. For 12 days before Christmas, she made little gift bags with these same attributes on them with a small something in each of them and left them outside the door each morning. She's a regular Martha MacGyver!

I knew what was going to be in the box. The usual chocolates and Mary Kay products. Which I love...I never have to buy chocolate or make up! I go to open the cards, expecting the usual quick note from my stepmom - We miss you, we love you, visit soon, Love, Dad, B, and Sis #2. Sometimes there'll be a little something from my lil sis in there too.

Not this time! My dad wrote both of the notes in each of the cards! Wha?? I haven't gotten something written by him since I was little and he would be overseas.

The Easter Card:


We hope you have a wonderful Easter. We wish you were here but hope all is well with work. Visit when you can and remember we love you.

Happy Easter,

Dad, B, & Sis #2

The Congrats Card:


Congratulations on your associates degree! All that hard work is paying off! We're very proud of you. Keep working hard and you'll go far.

Hopefully you can use these personalized pen, pencil and business card holder in your new role. Remember we love you and keep working away at school.

Again, Congratulations!


Dad, B & Sis #2.

Yes, there was a lovely personalized-engraved pen/pencil set and business card holder! Very cool and creative gift. I love them.

But what I love even more is the personalized cards from my dad! It reminded me of when I was young and he would send letters and tapes from overseas. I remember how much he missed me and said he couldn't wait to come home. I used to have to get my mom to help me read the letters, not because I was bad at reading, but because my dad has TERRIBLE handwriting. And still does. I even struggled a little bit today.

My big bad Marine dad took the time out to personally write EACH card to send to me. He's such a big scary teddy bear :-) and I love him so much! Not a phone call goes by where he doesn't ask me to move near them and still tells me how much he misses me.

Yes, my dad is strict, holds high standards and expectations, doesn't take excuses and tells me when I've screwed up. But there's no other man in the world that will ever love me as much as him. In fact, on my 18th birthday during our "going out into the world" talk, he said "There are only two good guys in this world - me and one other guy out there for you"

Yea, he's a pretty geeky cool guy! I'm such a Daddy's Girl!

Posted by Sissy at April 5, 2005 06:53 PM