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March 31, 2005

The Blower's Daughter

I have mentioned my love of driving before. Nothing has changed. I consider any drive up to 8 hours no big deal. Anything over that is fine too, but I don't find it as recreational.

Today I had to drive a total of 200 miles round trip to pick up my paycheck. Yes, they screwed up my direct deposit AND mailed it to the wrong office. I gave them hell...but honestly, I don't mind. The drive was welcomed and greatly needed!

For those of you that are car audio geeks gurus like me, let me explain part of the reason I love to drive so much.

Two years ago I installed or had installed (depending on how difficult it was) some great car audio into my truck. I have 4 Eclipse 4-way speakers that produce awesome sound! For those that are not familiar with these, Eclipse is one of the top brands of speakers and a 4-way speaker allows you to hear full range of the music you are listening to; from the highest high hat or triangle to the lowest drum or bass. The acoustic guitar sounds awesome on's just so crisp and clear and you actually hear every note - every detail!

I also have an enclosed MTX 10" powered subwoofer. This thing is cool because you can't see it. It's actually enclosed behind the interior walls of the vehicle. Now I don't use this to be obnoxious rolling down the street. I use it as you would use a sub with your surround system for your it should be used. I'm no thug! ;-)

And then for the receiver I have a Pioneer Premier 7400 with XM Satellite Radio and MP3 capability.

The acoustics in my truck are great! I love to listen to music in it...there's no better place!

So whenever I go on a trip, I welcome it because I know I'll have something to enjoy. Since I'm so passionate about music, I'm entertained the whole way! I really can go away to another place while driving and listening to something great.

Today, for my trip back to Columbia, I bought Damien Rice - O. I highly suggest this CD to anyone that likes acoustic guitar and mellow music. Kind of like a newer Irish Folk artist. He actually was first released in Ireland and was so successful, was released in the States. If you've seen the movie Closer or at least seen the commercials for it, he has a song on there called The Blower's Daughter that's very beautiful.

I look forward to my 5 hour drive tomorrow to North Carolina...I'll have plenty to listen to!

Posted by Sissy at March 31, 2005 08:04 PM