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March 29, 2005

I'm Falling Apart!

I'm falling apart!! (watch out, female stuff involved)

Yesterday morning I came into work with a slight sore throat. It didn't hurt to swallow or anything, it was just sore and made me sound like a man. I just thought I was losing my big deal.

I made a doctors appt. for that day for some other stuff. I hate going to the doctor.! So when I go, I make sure to have a list of things to go for and get checked all at once! I know the doctor probably thinks I'm a hypochondriac...but I'm really not. I usually only get sick about twice a's like clock work. So I normally just wait for things to pile up and when my mom starts the "you need to get that checked out" speech, I call and schedule an appt. I go to the doctor so seldom, I picked the lowest insurance my job had to offer because I was never taking advantage of it before.

So back to yesterdays visit. I was mildly concerned because I hadn't had my visitor since January. The whole blogosphere knows I'm not pregnant so that's not the issue. I've had this issue once before for 6 months almost 2 years ago. The doctor at the time told me it could be Polycystic Ovaries or fibroids, but since I wasn't wanting to have children right now, not to worry about it. She prescribed some "keep away the kids" pills to make everything alright.

Well, here's the issue again. What concerned me more though is that I've been getting headaches for about 6 weeks now and a couple of those have been Migraines. This is very unusual for me! Back in February, I passed out at Publix. It was only for a split second...but enough for me to fall to the ground and get really really embarrassed. And then while in TX walking through the mall, I had a hot flash. Then there's been other little things that I won't go into.

So needless to say, it was time to go back to the doctor. She said she wanted to schedule an ultra sound to see what's going on. She did the normal eyes, nose and throat check and said nothing about my sore throat. So I figured I was just starting to lose my biggy.

I get up today, very motivated. Throat was a little more sore but not to swallow, the soreness was more toward the top of my throat. Still losing voice...still no biggy! I got tons of stuff done, including my taxes! I went to my orientation at the Ronald McDonald House where I'm going to start volunteering once a week. I started my workout at Curves today and loved it. Went to Target, did a little shopping. Everything was going well!

I come home to finish working on my project for school and my body starts to ache. Not workout ache....but full body misery. My head had been hurting for the past couple hours, but that's been normal for a little while. I started to feel warm although my skin was still cool to the touch. My ears were starting to itch...that's an interesting and aggravating feeling.

So now I'm waiting here, to see if this will pass or if I'm coming down with something. I've got muscle relaxers from my car accident, debating whether to take one. I would really love to just go to bed...but I must get this project done (and I'm waiting for the people on my learning team to hurry up and turn in their parts)

I think more than anything I'm disappointed. I was finally getting out of my funk, getting stuff done and feeling motivated again....and this jumps in my way!

Let's hope it's a 24 hour thing and I’ll be up and running again tomorrow.

Posted by Sissy at March 29, 2005 08:51 PM