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March 26, 2005

And the Winner is....

And the winner of the Margarita Pool.....


I won a great tequila hangover to divert my attention from the torture of my job!

Although everyone did a great job and gave me a lot of credit....I had 7 wonderful margaritas!

Tammi felt my pain and knew the perfect remedy was 10 Margaritas Unfortunately, I was unable to meet Doctors orders.

Then Bruncle Contagion promised 5 gallons of margaritas at the next family reunion. I knew there was a reason he's my favorite Blog Bruncle!

Blog Grandpa Harvey had a higher standard for me at 8 margaritas. I promise to make it next time!

Ogre underestimated me at 6 Margaritas but also knew I was enjoying some great BBQ!!

Thanks to those of you who played in the Margarita Pool. Next time, I hope to be swimming in a REAL Margarita Pool.

Posted by Sissy at March 26, 2005 05:34 PM