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March 23, 2005

Great Food in Kill Me, TX

The only saving grace in being in Kill Me, TX is the food. I have heard that Kill Me, TX has the largest number of restaurants per capita in the United States and that they are also one of the unhealthiest cities.

Well, this being said, there is some DAMN GOOD food!! I'm talking home grown meat that is so tender, moist and flavorful. They have multiple BBQ places that are just oh so addicting.

We went to this one BBQ place that was a buffet of meat. Turkey, brisket, country fried steak, ribs, sausage, oh sweet goodness! Different type of BBQ Sauces that were the smokey kind...not that damn vinegar stuff. And some strawberry shortcake that was practically orgasmic!

The other sweet goodness is the authentic Mexican food here! Ahhh, Carne Asada...a great meat! Sonora Tacos, pico de gallo, and MARGARITAS!!

The past two days we went to two different BBQ places. Tonight, we are going to a hole in the wall Mexican place that has $1 Margaritas. If you read my post before will understand why there is such a need for margaritas. Actually....let's have a little Margarita not the type that you swim in (but keep that in mind for the next Family Reunion), but let's guess how many $1 Margaritas Sissy is going to have tonight! I'll give you a little help...

Keep in mind:

  • My favorite alcohol is tequila
  • I will be at a Mexican restaurant with sweet carne asada
  • The Margaritas are only $1
  • I'm in Kill Me, Texas and I hate my job!

I will report, hopefully with a tequila hangover, the winner tomorrow. The winner shall receive a great prize!

Posted by Sissy at March 23, 2005 11:27 AM