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March 20, 2005


I explained in an earlier post what a bad month March was for my family. Well, more has happened since that post, not all bad, but make March a hectic emotional month.

I believe I mentioned in the earlier post that my Great Grandfather passed away last year in the month of March. My Grandfather passed away March 16th of 2002 and my friend just got married March 16th 2005.

My mom's birthday is March 18th, the day my grandfather was buried and just this past Friday, my mom's birthday, my stepdad's mother passed away.

My friend that got married last week, her daughter's 16th birthday is today. My best friend's birthday, whose husband is in Iraq for the 2nd time, is a week from today.

So to sum it all up, there are a lot of births and deaths in March for me. God I can't wait for this month to be over!! 12 more days!!

Posted by Sissy at March 20, 2005 10:13 AM