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March 19, 2005

I Just Got Ripped Off

My truck desperately needed's been awhile! And the interior was looking pretty bad too.

So, today was the day to do it. If I can get through the weekend without it raining, my truck will be in a parking garage at the airport all next week, so maybe the wash will last awhile.

I went to this place that a friend recommended on a part of town I had never been to. It wasn't the best part of town, but who knows, ya know?

I dropped it off and told the dude I wanted the max clean, interior, EVERYTHING! I dropped it off and thought I would go get some lunch and lucky me, there was a Taco Bell next door.

Well, this Taco Bell is still in the dark ages and doesn't take check cards, and I NEVER carry cash on me (I know that's bad), so I walk out and go to the little run down Mexican restaurant next door. Let me tell you, I love some authentic Mexican food, but it's hard to find!

I go in by myself, and there is a table of Mexican dudes sitting in the middle of the place and they all look at me as I walk in. I'm the only white chic in the place! I seat myself, order my food, and watch the Spanish Music channel they have on the TV. I could see out of the corner of my eye, the Mexican dudes kept looking over at about an uncomfortable meal.

I finish my meal and walk back over to the car wash place. I go in and pay the $40, come out, and the guy asks how my truck looks. I do a quick glance over - outside looks good. Look at the inside, and see some spots he missed and asked him to get those. While he's wiping those up, I still see hair all over the seats. Now, I know both Kiki and I shed enough hair to make a fur coat, but a vacuum and some tape would get that stuff right off. WHATEVER! Let me just get out of here.

As I'm driving off, I'm still finding stuff, spots around the cup holder, on the console, dust on my odometers, spots on my seats. I take my handy wipes out and start cleaning this stuff off...and I still feel dirty.....

...OH MY GOSH....the front windshield wasn't even clean! There was still bug guts and crap all over it! Why didn't I see that????

This is what bugs me about places that offer these types of services -- learn ATTENTION TO DETAIL!!!!!!!!!

And just an FYI....if you live in or near South Carolina, it'll rain today....cause I washed my car!

Posted by Sissy at March 19, 2005 01:07 PM