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March 19, 2005

Livin' in the Ghetto

One day I was laying around the house and thought I heard a knock on the door. I open the door, peek my head out and there are two cops with bullet proof vests with their guns pulled banging on the door next door. Ok....kind of scary!

Then to tonight....

I was driving on the freeway, returning home from dinner, when 3 police cars sped past me.

I eventually get to my exit and arrive at the stop light before my house, right next to McDonalds....and there are 7 police cars there! They have one blocking each entrance into the McDonalds, one next to the drive thru window, one near each door and the rest around the parking lot. I saw one guy pulling some stuff out of the trunk of the police car and saw 2 other guys with their guns pulled!

This place is within walking distance of my apartment complex. Kinda freaky!

Then all of a sudden, at midnight, I hear my alarm go off. Now, my electricity went out yesterday, and I reset my clock, but didn't reset my alarm. BUT, I would have had to of flipped the alarm ON for it to go off at midnight....and I didn't do that. But it went off. So Kiki and I go in the bedroom, Kiki's barking at the alarm and I turn it off.

I get spooked when Kiki barks at something that I can't see or hear. And she does this a lot! She must have super ears!

Well, after I turned the alarm off, I stood there thinking about why my alarm went out. I slowly looked around...the paranoid person I am, and Kiki is barking at my bed!!

Ok, so I'm now officially freaked out for the night!!

Posted by Sissy at March 19, 2005 12:10 AM