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March 10, 2005

Was I the demented driver???

TNT at Smiling Dynamite told us about her recent example of people who shouldn't be on the road, and asked for our demented driver stories.

Well, I guess I was the demented driver in this situation, although I still say that the ass infront of me was part of the cause of the situation. But none the less, the two of us were the cause of my first (and hopefully last) real car accident.

I was about to take a position as a trainer with my company and found out they were going to MAKE me drive a PT Cruiser. Wha?!? I tried to get out of it, offering to drive my vehicle, and they wouldn't have it. So I had to drive across 3 states in this Cruiser wrapped in our company's logo.

Two weeks after I started my current position, I was driving the Ass Mobile to one of my locations, from the hotel I was staying at. The distance between the hotel and the office was probably about 3-4 miles, all interstate!

I was driving about 40-45 mph as traffic was a little congested, but not packed. And all of a sudden, there was this large wall of dump truck motionless infront of me! All within a few seconds, I put on my brake and look to the right to see if I can get over to avoid hitting this guy, and I can't! I brace myself and slam into the right back tire of the dump truck with the left front corner of my car. I don't remember the actual impact. My last thought was, "Oh shit, this isn't my car!" And the next thing I remember is both of the air bags deployed, this smell of radiator fluid and singed hair and a burning sensation on my arm.

I get out of the car, have a burn on my left forearm from the air bag and a cut on my right wrist. It could have been A LOT worse. I was flipping out, couldn't find my cell phone to call anyone as it had flew somewhere in the car. I couldn't take the keys out of the ignition as it had locked up. There was smoke coming from the car, and some liquid pouring from the front of the car, and I was scared to look for my phone as I didn't know if the thing would blow up. Someone finally stopped (mind you, not the dump truck driver) to see if I was okay and to dial 911. After a few minutes, we decided it was ok to go in the car to find my phone. My Metallica CD had broke in half, I had things that were in the trunk of the Cruiser in the front floor board. It was scary!

I lucked out! The cop said that I was lucky I wasn't hurt more. I ended up with huge bruises on my knees where they had hit the dashboard, my stomach and chest from the seatbelt, and on my arms from the air bag. All of that, and some pretty good drugs! ;-)

So, here is the final picture after the car was towed.

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It has been a running joke that I wanted out of that car that bad. I luckily have been able to drive my truck since!

So, this is a little different than TNT's story....more like my scariest story ever!

Posted by Sissy at March 10, 2005 05:05 PM