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February 27, 2005

Worst Songs On The Radio Right Now

This post got me to thinking about all the crap that is being played on the radio right now. Songs that are annoying as the cats that mate outside my window in the morning, are as boring as watching paint dry, or as painful as papercuts!

#1 Akon - Lonely
---->A guy rapping about how lonely he is after is girl up and left out of the bed. It makes me even more mad that the song he's sampling was about a soldier waiting for a damn letter while at war.

#2 JLo - Get Right
---->I can't even comment cause I don't even understand the lyrics. I understand the words, they just make any sense.

#3 Lindsey Lohan - Over
---->Nothing like being 100% positive that this is total studio creation!

#4 Britney Spears - Do Somethin'
---->I got excited when she got married and she said she was going to lay low for awhile and start a family. What.the.hell!! Don't go back on promised!!!

#5 Mariah Carey - It's Like That
---->It's nothing like throwing talent out the window for some shitty lyrics, done beat and a repeated feature of worn our rappers.

#6 Various Artists - Across the Universe
---->This was that song that was done terribly on the Grammys. I'd like to say that their heart was in the right place, but if you are trying to raise money for a good cause, then produce something I'd want to buy.

#7 Usher - Caught Up
---->Okay, so this isn't the worst song playing on the radio right now, in fact, it isn't that bad. It just reminds me of a black Michael Jackson song mixed with some Justin Timberlake. Have we exhausted all of our options here???

#8 Lindsey Lohan - Rumors
---->Yes, she made the chart twice! All I want to do is turn on the radio and hear her whining about how she can't go to a club dressed like a hootchie mamma without people talkin' about it.

And what makes this even funnier.....I got all of these songs off the Billboard Top 50!!!

Posted by Sissy at February 27, 2005 06:22 PM