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February 27, 2005

Expensive Therapy

Before you read this, let me put in a little disclaimer. I absolutely LOVE attending school online! Yes, I say love. The classes are only 5 weeks long which fits my short attention span. There are no "busy work" assignments. You either discuss things in a newsgroup format or you write a paper...very easy. No tests! And I get to take classes that really do benefit me and not just credit fillers!

There are two downsides, one is that it's expensive as hell! If my work didn't pay for it, I'd be blogging a lot more because I wouldn't be able to go to school :-P

The other downside is some of the morons they let it to the classes that use it as their damn therapy session! They come in on the first day of class and start off with their sob stories! They usually sound like excuses...My husband left me with 5 kids, I work 2 jobs, and my dream is to be a nurse...I live in East Butt Crack with a jacked up time zone so my assignments may be turned in at obscene times....I was born with no fingers so I type with my toes, which may delay my work....or, I have no concept of what it's like in the real world so I will fluff my work with how I feel, even though it isn't based on any actual factual information that I've observed or even experienced!! BITE ME!!!

I am 5 weeks away from getting my Associates. I will admit, I have severe short-timers disease. I could really give a flying f*ck about this last class I'm taking and will probably not make a huge effort in retaining the information. However, I will do my part, get my assignments in, and write like I have some sense to me and walk away with my A.

This class I am finishing up this week is a communications class. What brought my tantrum on is my team is working on our final Power Point Presentation and they decided to use my scenario from our paper of the communications skills that were used, or the lack there of, during this merger. I included 1 sentence about my concern on whether I would have a job or not and where it would be...everything else was about Company A and Company B. They made the whole presentation about ME!! What the hell?!? They made one sentence into a damn soap opera so I had to put my foot down tonight!

Now, I already know I'm a feeler by nature, but give me a freaking break! Here are some excerpts from this class:

Q: How effective is your communication with supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates in the workplace? How effective or ineffective is the communication of these other individuals?

A: I must answer this question tonight, as I am driving from California to Mesquite, Nevada later on tonight. I am going to bring my Grandmother (96 years old) to my house to live. She has just recently broken her hip, and will convalesce with us.
-You know what, I'm sorry your grandmother has broken her hip, but this has nothing to do with the question, it shows us you are going to use your defective grandmother as an excuse for the rest of the class

A:Women tend to take comments and suggestions personally and this affects the workplace communication environment. Men are able to distance themselves enough that they do not take comments personally. Maybe this is the reason - the difference in make up of men and women. Does anyone else feel this is true? Please don't take these comments the wrong way - remember, I'm a woman!!
-How else are we supposed to take these comments??? This make up difference between men and women?? Care to elaborate?? You make women look bad "Does anyone feel this is true?" Grow some damn mock balls and stick to your story! No room for wishy-washy here.

Q: What relationships in your life involve significant conflict? What factors contribute to this conflict?

You know this question opened up the flood gates! It ended up being a group therapy session about divorces and how awful their parents were!

I'm sure I seem cold and insensitive, but there is a time and a place to talk about how difficult your life is, and it's not in our classes. We all have difficult jobs, have some sort of difficult family, difficult schedules, computers that crash, get sick, shitty days and we are all taking 1-2 classes online. SO.GET.OVER.IT!! Stop the whining and see if you can contribute some valuable information to the forum. If not, call someone, throw something, see your therapist, start a blog, key your ex's car, slash your bosses tires...whatever you need to do...

Just leave me out of it!!! I'm not paying $1500 a class to hear 15 people I don't know whine about how difficult their lives are.

Posted by Sissy at February 27, 2005 03:53 PM