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February 25, 2005

Kiki Sitting

I am struggling with what I do with Kiki when I leave on these trips. This past week I was gone for a week. I fly to Kill Me, Texas Tuesday for a full week, to Shoot Me, Missouri on the 14th for a full week, and back to Kill Me, Texas for a couple days at the end of March. Seeing I just moved here and know absolutely nobody, I have to revert to a few options:

1. Drive 4 hours (one way) to a friends house in North Carolina to drop Kiki off. She stays with someone I would trust with my life, has people to love on and has a routine.

2. Leave her at the kennel here for $15 a night. This is what I did this past week.

3. Hire a pet sitter where it's $15 per visit to your house.

Option #1 is about to wear out. I've done this several times, and my friend shows no sign of being tired of it, but I feel very very bad! She has a dog and 3 cats of her own, not to mention her own hectic schedule.

Option #2 I have done twice since I have been here. The place was really clean and seemed to have really nice people working there. However, they have these rooms that are filled with multiple mini-rooms. Cinder block on each side and then a link fence door. They are on cold concrete. I bring Kiki her favorite blanket and her toy, but it's still not the same considering she either is laying in my recliner or in my bed. What concerns me most is all the dogs she's around. She in this room where her jail neighbor is some huge, monstrous, Kiki eating dog. They bark loud and are scary. It's like being in a hotel and knowing the guy next door to you looks like the guy you saw on the Sex Offenders list or the Most Wanted. Kiki might be traumatized.

Option #3 I am just not fond of having someone come into my house like that. Plus, they would have to come by multiple times a day...we are then talking like $30-$45 a day. I can spend less at a hotel!!

So this is my huge concern at this moment. I am actually bringing her to work with me today because I missed being away from her so much this week and know she won't get to see me next week.

Posted by Sissy at February 25, 2005 08:28 AM