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February 15, 2005

Say No To Hot Dogs!!

Here I am, trying to think of this brilliant idea for my first post. I'm sitting here in my recliner with my laptop typing this huge epiphany I have had recently...but can't get it done because my dog is driving me totally nuts!!

First of all, let me explain my dog. She is an 8lb Chihuahua mix. I never thought I would have a small dog, as the whole idea of the yippy purse dog was not my opinion of a dog. Well, I just realized that it was 2 years ago today that I rescued Kiki from the animal shelter.

I was living in a small studio apartment in Yuma, Arizona. This wasn't the worst hole I'd ever lived in, but wasn't ideal either. The walls were white glossy cinder block looking. I couldn't hang up pictures because of this concrete surrounding me. My bed was a fold out couch that looked directly into my "living area" (if you could call it that). So for some reason, I thought I needed someone else to share my jail cell! Do you think this had anything with spending Valentine's Day alone??

So I go to the local animal shelter, hoping to find a wonderful dog to rescue. I knew I couldn't have anything too huge due to the size of my cell, but again, did not want a yippy purse dog. And then I came to cage #17 (which you will soon realize is my lucky number). She looked like a miniature shepherd-chow mix. She was only two months old all curled up in a blanket, hiding from all the noise from the other big loud dogs. Then I hear her sob story. She was picked up, all alone, on the side of a highway. I held her and she leaned her head against my shoulder, shaking, and I knew I would not be able to leave her there. I underestimated how smart she was!

So let's fast forward to today. Kiki is not a yippy purse dog! She thinks she's a large dog and will get out there and play with large dogs and hold her own. She doesn't yip, nip or any of that obnoxious typical Chihuahua stuff. She plays, she loves, and is smart as hell.

So why she's driving me nuts! Kiki absolutely hates my laptop because it sits in my lap and needs both of my hands and takes me away from her. She sits next to me and waits for the chance to grab one of my hands or get into my lap to lay with me. Yes, very loving....but is hard when you are trying to do school work. So, finally, she just got pissed at me and started playing by herself. So, she's running laps in the living room (we no longer live in that cell), jumping from the oversize chair to get a flying head start to the other side of the room. She finally stands on the couch next to me and all of a sudden I cannot breathe! I smell the most God-awful smell. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Kiki has gas!! Ok, dogs have to take care of business too. So I light a candle, push her off the couch, and go on trying to write this awesome first blog entry. And then....I smell it again! Damn Kiki....what is your issue!! I'm sitting here wondering if this is her way of punishing me for not playing with her right this minute. And then, between holding my nose and checking to see if the smell is gone, the smell is a little familiar (how awful is that!). I'm thinking back to what that smell is when I realize, as a treat, I gave Kiki a turkey hot dog yesterday for Valentine's Day. Wow, the gift that keeps on a headache! So do they sell stuff for dogs with gas?

So this is a wonderful introduction. Hi, I'm Sissy and my dog has gas! (name to be explained in a future post) I may need a support group if this continues...

Posted by Sissy at February 15, 2005 11:25 PM