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June 21, 2005

Back on the Piano

I bought a digital piano this weekend. I've been anxiously awaiting this purchase! I want to freshen up on my skills!

Some things I've noticed:

I forget EVERYTHING when playing the piano. I don't think about work, things I need to do, planning for the next day...I can't. Playing takes my whole brain and I love it!

I remember more things than I thought I would. I can still go through scales and chord progressions. Could I tell you what kind they were? Only for a few. Why do I remember these? Because it's all spatial and audible. I can close my eyes and remember how that chord is supposed to feel at my fingers and I can hear when I am wrong. I learned this stuff over 10 years ago! It's amazing how the brain works and remembers things.

I enjoy playing a lot more now that I know it's not going to be my career. When I was younger and thought I was going to be a music educator, I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect. Now it's fun! Kind of like blogging! Writing before, knowing I was going to be graded, not so fun. Writing now! Fun!

So here's to having my passion of music back as a hobby and not as another form of stress.

Posted by Sissy at June 21, 2005 07:24 PM

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