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June 28, 2005

Damn Reality TV

Oh no oh no oh no.

I anxiously await 8pm and 11pm on Mondays, Wednesdays from 8pm - 11pm and Tuesdays at 10pm.

Why? On Mondays and Wednesdays, those are the times of Law and Order SVU reruns. On Tuesdays, hopefully a new episode, if not a rerun.

I've seen them all, and yes, I am addicted. It's the only show I keep up with 100%. I do other stuff while they are on, so I'm not constantly staring at my TV. But the show is on in my home often.

So tonight, I go to turn to NBC to watch my show, and there is this red head standing out in the sand staring at a bus.

Then, these freakish characters walk off the bus to meet this beautiful girl.

I left it, thinking it was a commercial and continued blog surfing.

It goes to a commercial and I find out the show is Average Joe. I would never, ever, ever watch this type of show. These things annoy me.

I mean, these guys are crying after not being picked to stay after an initial meeting.

Eventually, these guys are going to go through surgeries to look better.

It's sickening.

What makes me more sick??? Now I'm going to want to know what the hell happens since I saw the first episode! I think I'll just catch the last episode at the end of the season.

So warning, when you see something strange on TV, turn it, change it, don't wait!

Posted by Sissy at June 28, 2005 11:00 PM

OH GOD NO! We've lost another to the really bad reality show cult. I'd tell you to turn off the Tv and back away slowly, but I can tell it's too late if you are blogging on it.

Just to spoil it for you, at the end when they bring on the "hot" guys for competition, the girl will choose one of them over the "average" guy. If I remember correctly that is what happened on every other "Average Joe" show. Not that I watched, but I work in an office filled with addicted to reality TV minions.

Posted by: Contagion at June 29, 2005 08:47 AM

Just the name of this show offends me... I'll be damned if I watch a bunch of wanna-be's!

Posted by: That 1 Guy at June 29, 2005 10:43 PM

These guys crying lead me to ask the inevitable question: What happened to the sense of self, of respect for your manhood. It's a freaking tv show. What, do they cry when the shoe store is out of their favorite "kicks". Jeez.

Posted by: SingleGuy at June 30, 2005 09:40 AM

Reality TV = headlights

Me = deer

I know I should run, but it's just... so... pretty...


Posted by: Harvey at June 30, 2005 11:41 AM