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October 02, 2005

Word of the Week

This week's word is in honor of the reason us guest bloggers are here! Usually Sissy picks a polysyllabic and obscure word. The only knowledge that may come from this week's word are other bloggers related adventures, allegory, anecdote, apologue, article, chestnut, chronicle, description, drama, epic, fable, fairy tale, fantasy, feature, fiction, folktale, gag, legend, memoir, myth, narration, narrative, non-fiction, novel, old saw, parable, potboiler, recital, record, relation, report, romance, saga, scoop, sequel, serial, spiel, tale, tragedy, version, or yarn. OK, I could have just said story, but what fun would that be?

If you use the Word of the Week in a post this week, be sure to link back to this post, leave a comment or email me at procheinamy(at)gmail.


v. re·lo·cat·ed, re·lo·cat·ing, re·lo·cates
v. tr.

To move to or establish in a new place: relocated the business.

v. intr.
To become established in a new residence of place of business: relocated in Texas*.

*The original entry at did not use Texas, but I could not resist changing it since I love Texas.....

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