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April 30, 2006

A Little Protection

I got a call the other day from 8 year old Sis#2. They moved to Kentucky in January.

I got a call from their house and first ignored it because I was shopping with a friend. Then, I got the call immediately again but couldn't take it because I was on the phone. Then voice mail. I checked it and it was Sis#2, "Sissy, please call me as soon as you get this." (And yes, she really does call me Sissy)

That was weird. She doesn't usually call me. I usually talk to her when I make my calls to them.

So I call back and no one picks up. Ok, now I'm starting to freak out a little bit. I call again, and she answers and asks if she can call me back because she's on the phone with our sister Sis #1 (17).

She finally calls me back and is bawling! She's doing that can't hardly breathe cry thing! My heart immediately stops thinking of what can be wrong. I thought maybe one of their pets had died or worse...something had happened to Kiki.

She went on to ask why I can't live with them or near them. She said that my company has a store there and that they are hiring.

I told her I couldn't move there because of my job but I was trying to get close. She told me to quit my job, but somehow, I don't think she got dads approval on that one.

She then said that they had a house for sale just a couple of houses down. Now, they live in these huge I laughed at the thought! I asked her if she thought I could afford it and she said yes.

She goes on to name her friends who still have their sisters living with them. I told her that I was almost 25....and then she through in that one of her friend's sisters living at home was 26. I asked about when I get married, and she said that was okay. That they would turn mommy's craft room into my room and move the craft room into the basement.

So we went on like this for several minutes. Me telling her I was working my ass off trying to get closer to them. Maybe not in Kentucky, but at least on the same coast. When I said closer, she says, "Do you mean like an hour away?" No, more like 6 hours away. She didn't like that too much!

Ah, she was killing me! Here I am in the middle of the mall trying to keep from bawling my eyes out because my little sister is giving me the guilt trip.

Finally, I calm her down and tell her I will see her as soon as I can...making a mental note I need to send her a letter or something.

She then passes the phone to her mom and I asked what was up with her. She says, "I don't know, ask your dad. He's the one that spanked her."

Haha! Ahhh, she needs someone on her side! I get it! I then learn that dad feels guilty for spanking her after she called me and Sis #2....but never found out what he spanked her for. I'm sure it was back talking or not listening.

But still, the girl is 8! I lived with Sis #2 for 8 years, and Sis #1 for 2 years. So we've all grown up with a sibling but we've all also been an only child. So I understand why she wants her sisters around.

If I get a job in Atlanta, I will be 5 hours away from Sis #1 and 6 hours away from Sis #2. I think that's a pretty good central location. The closest I've been to the both of them at the same time!

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Atlanta, huh? I hear there's all sorts of cool bloggers who live out that way, although I haven't met any of them...


Posted by: zonker at May 7, 2006 01:47 PM