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May 27, 2006

Was That Part of the Job Description?

I have had to drive to Phoenix about twice a month for the past few months for meeting.

6 Hours round trip!

Thursday morning, I woke up at 5:30am to hit the road by 6am. The events started at 9:30am.

The fore casted weather for the day? Clear, Sunny and 108 degrees!!

On the agenda? 6 hours of Elementary Field Day like games with 60 other managers.

I like team builders, and I like being active. Not necessarily in 100+ degree weather though.

The director of my area says, "Sissy, this must be a vacation for you from Yuma."

My reply, "Well, it would be except I don't do this kind of shit in Yuma!"

There's nothing like being drenched in sweat, covered in sand, not being able to get a brush through your hair, sunburned, thirsty and covered in water balloons on a 3 hour drive home.

Posted by Sissy at May 27, 2006 01:31 AM | TrackBack

Nice... the organizer of that little shin dig should be shot!!!

Posted by: Napster at May 27, 2006 06:56 PM