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September 22, 2006

Dentist, Doctor, It's Not The Same

I had my ultra sound on Thursday. They of course, don't tell you anything then. I do have to say that I am impressed with this hospital so if I do have to have the surgery, I feel a little better about it. Now, I'm only comparing it to the many Naval Hospitals I have been to in the past. It's a hell of a lot better.

Today I woke up with some severe pain in the same places but the pain felt a little bit different. I can't describe how, maybe it was sharper...but it hurt more. A lot more. And it wasn't going away. Considering the last real meal I had due to the ultra sound was Wed night, I was pretty certain it wasn't anything I ate. Everything I ate since the ultra sound were little things like bananas or some popcorn. I attempted a grilled chicken sandwhich Thursday night...but didn't have much of an appetite (plus it was dry, cold and gross).

So I called my doctor to ask how soon I know the results and if I should be concerned about this new pain. The first time I called, it rang for a long time with no answer. I hung up and tried again. It rang for awhile and someone picked up and hung up.

I then called again, and someone answered. I explained that my doctor had sent me to get an ultra sound and I needed to know if I needed to make an appointment to view the results. She questioned me and then said, "this is a dentist office".

Oops! Wrong doctor in my phone. I have an appointment with my dentist next Wed. I hope they don't have caller id.

As for the pain, I'm keeping an eye on it. The nurse said that the doctor may have the results in the system by Sunday but if not, I should hear something Monday.

Whatever is going to happen needs to happen quick while I'm still employed and work for a manager that is going to be flexible with my time seeing as I don't have much vacation time.

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