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November 06, 2006


(Brought on by some 80's post I read recently and by watching the Country Music Awards)

When I was young and naive....

I used to think that Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton were married.

I also thought Michael Jackson and Madonna were married.

I don't know why...

But I did.

And I just thought I would share.

On another note...

Growing up, I listened to a lot of country music. That's all that was played in our house. Hell, my first concert was Alabama. I've seen Martina McBride in concert twice. And there are tons more.

I don't listen as much as I used to. I keep up with my favorites through iTunes, but that's about it.

I watched the Country Music Awards tonight. Damn! I did not know that these new male country singers were so hot! Seriously! They all remind me of Marines at the local country bar in their tight jeans and chiseled chests showing through their t-shirts.

I may start listeningwatching country music again. What channel is CMT?

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