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March 18, 2007

Sunday Driving

This weekend was a bit of an emotional drain. Exhaustive.

So I went for a drive to rejuvenate and clear through the mental mess.

What's kind of funny is that in Yuma or 29 Palms, when I went for a lasted all of about an hour unless I had a destination like San Diego or Phoenix. It didn't take long for me get bored or depressed by the desert. It has its beauty at times, but it gets repetitive really quick.

But here, in the southeast, I can drive for hours without even knowing. It was absolutely beautiful. The weather was beautiful, things are starting to bloom...I got lost in it all. I left around 2 and finally realized around 3:30 it was probably time to start heading home....getting me home by 4:30.

So if I ever talk about moving west again....remind me of this. This alone would bring me to my senses.

You may also remind me of this when I'm bitching about buying a new car so soon, as I have hit 27000 miles after only a year.

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