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March 26, 2007

Wii Injury

Saturday night, I had dinner over at Morrigan's and afterward, we played a little Wii. She kicked my ass, which is just sad. However, I learned that once you become a "pro" in each sport, you get more skill.

So, Sunday, I was determined to become a "pro" at bowling. The idea is to get a skill level of 1000+ which is done by beating your score, getting strikes, spares and other things I'm sure.

I played for 3 hours straight, determined to beat my high score and to become a "pro".

And I did. It was a great bit of exercise and I reached my goal. I am a Wii Bowling Pro! Seriously, the only difference between my bowling on the Wii and for real is the 12 pound ball. Otherwise, the motions, the effort, the strength is all the same.

I went to bed last night and could not roll over I was so sore. My neck, my right shoulder and my left leg/rear. It hurts to turn my head, move my right arm or put any weight on my left leg. Just plain sad!

However, it was my excuse to schedule a massage for tomorrow! :-)

Now, all I have is tennis, golf, baseball and boxing to work at. Let's see if I can get through those injury-free!

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