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May 10, 2007

Childhood Injuries

A friend and I were walking out of the office today to the parking lot to leave to the Braves game where other co-workers were for tailgating and a great game.

As we came around the corner, a guy jumped out and struggled with her for her purse. I dove at his knees and tackled him to the ground while she grabbed her purse and beat the crap out of him.

Well, that's at least what I told everyone when I got to the game and everyone asked me about my knee.

What really happened....I couldn't remember where I parked (must be hereditary, huh Bou). So when I realized we were in the wrong aisle, I turned and immediately walked to the next aisle and walked right into one of those concrete parking stopper thingy's, tripped, fell forward, skinned my knee and toe nails and then rolled.

I laughed. She was worried and proceeded to go after everything that spilled out of my purse.

I got to thinking and I think the last time I skinned my knee must have been in junior high on my skateboard. Let me tell you, it is a more difficult fall as an adult.

And all I kept thinking today was to keep bending my knee as I remember my knee getting stiff when I was younger and it really sucking!

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