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May 22, 2005

Linky Lovin IV

Trammel was the Word of the Week for Week #4.

This was the biggest turn out yet!

David of third world county was an over achiever and used this week's word three times in his post about converting his garage into a wood working space.

Blog Mom Mou supports her son in his desire to make video games when he grows up.

Michele from Letters from NYC found an article about Arianna Huffington not getting the recognition she feels she deserves due to recent reviews.

Blog Bruncle Contagion shows off his impressive parenting skills when he teaches his son to say, "Beer" and "Here's to You". His Mother In-Law will be especially proud.

Jenna at Jenna Thomas-McKie took a quiz that actually included this week's word in it's results.

Johnny-Oh at Closet Extremist continues his discussion on The Truth About The Truth and includes a great definition of freedom!

That 1 Guy at Drunken Wisdom explains how the origin of Thursday derived from Tards Day...and he supplies proof!

Sarah the Penguin at Because We Have Thumbs enlightens us on the prejudices and stereotypes in our society.

Army Wife Toddler Mom let's us peek into the difficult life of a two and three year old.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I believe that is everyone! Again, if I have missed anyone, you have my permission to hunt me down and do as you wish with me. Oh, wait....why do I see people editing their previous posts now?

Plan B - If I missed you, send up a smoke signal and I'll give ya your credit.

Posted by Sissy at May 22, 2005 05:52 AM

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