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May 29, 2005

Black Eyes - Karnival of Kidz

Yesterday, we went outside to play softball. I was pitching and my mom hit one - a line drive into my knee. Nice little bump there. This reminded me of my last black eye...and then my other black eyes. So I believe it's time to share...

Black Eye 1.JPG
When we first moved to Okinawa, I was playing in the playroom of the hotel and a kid threw a big plastic block at me! Jerk!

Dad was pushing me up in the air with his feet, and I fell and hit the head of the bed. Which resulted in....

Black Eye 2.JPG
Black Eye #2 while in the hotel. And yes, that is old school Jiffy Pop!

And then my last and final black eye was when I was 14, getting ready to go out on on a date with my at the time boyfriend. We were outside playing baseball, waiting for him. My stepdad pitched the ball, it was inside but I hit at it anyway and it bounced off the bat and hit me in the eye. My date showed up about 15 minutes later...right in time for it to be a nice shiner!!

Posted by Sissy at May 29, 2005 08:03 PM

You were cute, even with the black eyes!

Posted by: Susan at May 30, 2005 11:09 PM