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May 29, 2005

Day 2 of Vacation

Today we went to Chicago's Second City. It's a comedy house that hosts different types of comedy acts. Mainly skits, improv, etc. It was hilarious!! I would have probably had more fun if I wasn't sitting there with my mother and my 16 year old sister, as some of the humor was a little on the risque side...but it was still hilarious.

If ever in Chicago, you must check this place out! Six actors/comedians/singers that had great expressions and just wonderful control of the audience. Great show!

We then went out to eat at Yardhouse. My family would have been just as happy and paid a lot less at Applebee's or TGI Fridays. I, for one, thought it was great! They tend to stick to things they know and like; where I, on the other hand, like to try new things...most of the time...and if not, Morrigan makes me!

But for you guys, they do serve a Yard of Beer - 48oz of your beer of choice!. I shit you not!


After this, Sis #1 and I went to get a massage. Mine wasn't all that great, they just did a cheap job! They didn't speak English....they were Swedish. I was sore from playing baseball, driving for 12 hours and my week of workout maybe I was a little tender, but she hurt me. When she got to my lower back, I thought I was going to jump off the table.

And since she didn't understand English, when I turned over on my back, I told her I had a bruise on my knee (from the softball)...and she went ahead and massaged it. I'm ill just thinking about it! Overall, she just wasn't very detailed. There were not hot stones, heating pads or hot towels, she missed some places and it overall just didn't make me feel better.

But they do have a steam shower which was nice. I turned that sucker on high and turned the steamer on....I could have slept there!

And that's about it for Day 2. We have tons of stuff planned for this week, so stay tuned!

Posted by Sissy at May 29, 2005 07:50 PM