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May 14, 2005

Sleepless Sleep

This past week, the most sleep I got in one night was 6 hours, even though I averaged 4-5. I'm an 8 hours of sleep kind of girl! So needless to say, I looked forward to my rejuvenate sleep last night. No alarm clock, no appointments, no phone calls, nada!

The good news...I did sleep from midnight until 10am, only waking up once to Full House on Nick at Nite, dying of thirst.

Now for what made it for such a waste of sleep. I had 2 really detailed, indepth creepy nightmares.

The first one was something to do with family, flying, luggage and conflict and some other bizarre things. I'm not going to go into that one although it was the first one that truly freaked me out.

But the second one...I have no clue where the hell this one came from.

I had been invited by a friend of mine (who used to live in NC when I lived there but now lives in Colorado) to go out on a Friday night. I believe it must have been a party. I some how know it was here in Columbia, but I have no clue what made me think that.

Now the house had a big front porch...the usual on southern style homes. Everyone was there having a great time. I recognized a lot of the people but I cannot remember who all of them were now. I do know that Jon Secada and Mariah Carey were there. Why? I have no clue. Mariah Carey maybe because I had seen her on TV before going to bed, but no clue why Jon Secada.

Everyone's having a good time, a very relaxed environment. I remember at some point being in front of the house in some water. It seemed like a lake because I remember not being able to find ground so I was treading water with another kid. I knew the kid somehow (unsure how) and was holding her up most of the time in the water.

Finally, we went back to the porch, and Mariah Carey was wearing the shirt I had been wearing earlier before I changed into my swimsuit. I think this was brought on because the show I was watching yesterday, she had like 3 wardrobe changes and something had happened to one of her outfits and ended up wearing one of the host's suits.

So anyways...I tell her I need my shirt, she gets a little huffy puffy but gives it up. Again, we are all having a good time, and I stick with my friend for most of the night. There's more of a party going on inside, but I don't ever remember going in there.

All of a sudden, there is gun fire. Guys are driving by the side of the house, getting out and walking from a distance, shooting toward us on the front porch. We are protected from the front because of the size of the lake, but the one side of the house is where it's coming from. We all lean up against the front porch railing, facing the front of the house, trying to hide behind some of the big posts. The gun fire would stop for a little bit, but then someone else would come on by again and start it up.

Somehow I got a hold of two guns. One was a normal gun, something I have held before probably with my dad. The other was bizarre, fictional and a piece kept coming off of it that I had to put on. However, I was scared to use them because if I missed, I didn't want to become a target.

The gunfire continued for quite a while. Everyone was scared but didn't know what to do. I looked to the left where the entrance was to the house, and there were police and firemen there, but they could not do anything at that point. At one point, someone had shot Jon Secada in the shoulder and he started bleeding. Mariah Carey rushed to him and said he was dead. I went over, checked his pulse to find out he was and rushed back to my post.

I remember being mad at my friend for bringing me to such a party. And the fact that there were kids there just had me insane. I finally start shooting with the gun I knew at the guy that was out in the field now. He stops and laughs that I can't even get near him. One shot did get right by him where he had jumped to the ground, but that was it. I don't know what happened to the other gun, but I didn't use it.

At this point, I was really scared as I knew I had just become a target because I couldn't kill the bastard. All of a sudden, these guys come out from the house wearing cowboy hats, in boxer shorts and holding red plastic cups of beer from the keg. They were hootin and hollarin. I'm not sure if this was an attempt to draw attention away from some of the other people on the porch, or if they were just too damn drunk to know what the hell they were doing.

The shooting starts again, and one of the guys ends up next to me on my right. We are all there, again waiting for the shooting to seize. I remember saying something to the guy about how scared I was. And the dream sort of stopped right there.

But it did continue in another spot. Somehow, we got out of there safe. I'm not sure about how many people were hurt or killed, but I somehow got out safe. So the next day, on the front page of the papers, was that the kid of Scott Stapp (the former lead singer of Creed) was killed. That night, for some odd reason, I felt like I had to go back to that house. I did, and it was totally abandoned. Trash still everywhere from the party, no lights. All of a sudden, I hear music and it's that song by Creed "With Arms Wide Open" (for those of you that do not know this song, it is a song he wrote about the birth of his child).

I really get freaked out then and start to leave. I felt this odd feeling like I was being haunted for the death of his child, although I don't know who this child was at the party. I felt like Scott would come after me for the death of his kid.

I left in a hurry, freaked out. And then woke up at 10am.

Totally freaking bizarre! And this is just everything I can remember. Who knows what parts I may have missed.

Posted by Sissy at May 14, 2005 11:59 PM