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February 26, 2005

Four Eyes

I am currently in a rush to get Lasik surgery done due to a change in our benefits recently. I started putting money into a Flex Spending account so I could do this at the end of the year. Well, since the merger, my Flex Spending account will change to theirs April 1st. So, I'm trying to get the surgery done before then to take advantage of the fact that I have only put like $300 in there and will get to use the full $1300.

I've done my research and even made the mistake of watching THIS VIDEO (do not watch if you are squeamish - you have been warned!)

I have scheduled my appointment for my consultation and work up for March 9th. The thing is, to get the work up done this quickly, they told me to stop wearing my contacts now! What!?! I have worn contacts since age 13. Seriously, I refused to wear glasses!!! I've gotten so bad that I don't take them out except to put in new ones (I'm ready for the comments of scolding to come rolling in on that one).

So I went to the eye doctor and told them to hook me up with a cheap pair of glasses as I would only be wearing them for about a month. Did I mention I HATE GLASSES!! I look awful in them....and they happen to hide one of my few good eyes.

Okay, other than that totally vain reasons I hate glasses, they actually make me nauseous!! When I look peripherally or look down, there is no lens there - so the difference in sight makes me ill!

My eyes have been watering since yesterday when I started to wear the stupid things! I know they are just breathing from not having contacts in, but it's a pain in the ass! I just hope they will be okay for the consultation and work up.

Does anyone else have any insight they could share?

Update 2/27/05:

I went out with this dude last night and he actually liked them!! Not quite sure what he was smokin'!

Posted by Sissy at February 26, 2005 11:13 AM