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August 07, 2005

Word of the Week #14


small beer \SMAWL-BEER\ noun

1 : weak or inferior beer
*2 : something of small importance : trivia

Example sentence:
The player was fined $10,000 by the league for his comments about the opposing pitcher, but that's small beer when you consider his $15 million salary.

Thank you Merriam-Webster Online

Posted by Sissy at August 7, 2005 08:48 PM | TrackBack

LOL! I think you will get a lot of hits on this one.

Posted by: VW Bug at August 7, 2005 09:18 PM

I see T1G all over this one.

"Small beer? SMALL beer!!! Isn't that illegal?"

Ahhh Sissy - you come up with the best stuff!!

Posted by: Tammi at August 7, 2005 09:28 PM

I see the entire BE/Frizzenspark family on this one. Holy Crap. Even I, who don't drink, can work with this... I think... maybe... ;-)

Posted by: Bou at August 7, 2005 11:24 PM


Small beers are illegal, and should never be mentioned!

Good God, girl! Ain't ya learned better yet?!

Posted by: That 1 Guy at August 8, 2005 10:58 PM