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August 10, 2005

Here We Go...

I am packing, doing laundry and trying to drink until I get VERY SLEEPY to get ready for my trip tomorrow. Yes, I have to leave my house by 3am tomorrow to drive to ATL for a 9:15 am flight. *Hmmm, maybe I should stop drinking*

Kiki will be traveling on the plane with me in a soft kennel. One of the great things about having a small dog! I also want to bring her hard kennel as she loves to sleep in it with her blanket. So, to make sure it would be allowed, I called both Continental and Delta (both airlines that I will be on tomorrow) to make sure it would be ok, it would count as one of my checked bags and I wouldn't be charged.

They kept thinking my dog was going to be in it! They couldn't grasp the concept that my dog was coming with me in a soft kennel and I wanted the hard kennel for when I got there. They both said yes, I could take it, as one of my checked bags and at no additional charge.

How much do you want to bet I get hell for it somewhere tomorrow? We've got 2 shots...Atlanta and Kansas City.

The downside to this is how I'm going to carry everything. Tomorrow when I get to the Atlanta Airport, I will have to park in one of the lots that shuttles you to the airport. When doing this, I will have 1 large suitcase, a hard kennel, my rolling laptop bag, and Kiki in her soft kennel. I will throw my purse in my laptop bag!

So, let's say I make it ok. Then, when I get to KC, I have to go to baggage claim, pick up all these items, and then go check in with Continental with all these things.

Hmmm...I'm kind of wondering if I should buy another $20 kennel when I get to Phoenix. I think it'd be worth it! Then I'll just have to pack her blanket.

I should arrive in Phoenix at about 6:30 their time. My sister (3rd grade) is so very excited. She called today and said, "Sissy, what's your itinerary for tomorrow?" She cracks me up! least I'll save on electricity, water, food and gas while I'm gone for 2 weeks. Damn, too bad I can't save on rent and cable!

Posted by Sissy at August 10, 2005 08:53 PM | TrackBack

I would buy a kennel in Phoenix. You already have enough to deal with even without taking the hard kennel.

Posted by: Amy at August 10, 2005 10:23 PM