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August 21, 2005

The Purple Skittle

The rental car I have to drive for a fricken week?

A damn piece of shit Kia!

I did not know they still made cars without power windows and power locks!

Seriously, I have to manually pull or push the lock on the door FOR EACH DOOR if I want it locked or unlocked.

Call me lazy...I don't care. But it's a little in-con-fricken-venient when everyone is used to power locks!

Ok, I can handle that...I'll get used to it for 4 days. But what I won't get used to is the 4 cylinder mouse engine that is pushing that thing! I know some damn semi is going to ram into me trying to get into traffic! Those things should be illegal...they are not safe!

The alignment is WAY off! The steering wheel, when driving straight, is actually off by about 45+ degrees!

And then, after driving it long enough to get the damn thing up to 85 mph, it felt like it was going to quit right there! And it made this loud abnoxious noise from the wind like the window wasn't all the way up. But it's not like I could try to roll it least not until I stopped and could lean over and roll it up manually.
(Which I later found out WASN'T the problem)

I was the person on the highway that I'm usually cussing at from my truck!

Not to mention it looks like I'm driving a purple skittle!

Posted by Sissy at August 21, 2005 08:54 PM | TrackBack

Sometimes your the skittle, sometimes your the truck!

Posted by: Susan at August 21, 2005 09:52 PM

LOL, Susan!!

Hey, you could be driving a company vehicle painted with the company logo... ;-)

Posted by: Bou at August 21, 2005 10:00 PM

do not turn on air conditioner, radio, and try and accelerate at the same time....could explode.

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at August 21, 2005 10:55 PM

Manual Windows and Locks. LOL! You are sooo much younger than I am. ;-) You do know you can exchange your car for another one? Tell them about the steering wheel and 'complain'. They will trade you out. Hopefully for a better car.

Posted by: VW Bug at August 22, 2005 06:55 AM