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September 24, 2005

I Look Like a Boy

I think I can now blog about this without crying. Maybe...we'll see.

Growing up, I always had long long hair. Hair that I could easily sit on when sitting down. My parents liked their girls to have long hair!

In high school, I realized I was the only one with hair this long and had it trimmed, to about the middle of my back. It looked healthier and was still long!

Then I went to college where my roommates talked me into putting highlights in it and cutting it. When I got it cut, it was just below my shoulders. It was cute and first time I had "short hair".

Since then I've kept it about that length, give or take a few inches.

As of recently, for the past year, I've been letting it grow out. No more color, all natural. I had it to about mid back again.

With the hell that is South Carolina humidity and the thought of the still summer temperatures in Arizona, I had been playing around with the idea of cutting it "short" again. Again, my definition of short is touching my shoulders.

Finally, on a whim, at lunch I went to the mall to get it done. I had a picture in my wallet of my sisters and me and showed the lady what I wanted.

I should have looked at the many signs as I went in there. As I told the lady at the register what I wanted, she hesitated, as they were having computer issues.

This lady was wearing all black with black hair and some purple make up. She had piercings here and there (lip, eyebrow, etc). The manager told her she didn't need the computer to cut hair.

She told me to follow her. She moved as if she was an elderly lady. It didn't come to me that she may be on drugs! I wasn't thinking.

I explained what I wanted, showed her the picture, and even stressed that my hair looked longer while wet and to take that into consideration.

As I sat in the chair, the cut seemed to take forever. She was having problems getting it even. She would compare sides, and then start cutting again. I was getting scared.

Once she thought it was all even, she dried it and curled it out some. As I looked in the mirror, I thought it was a little short, but thought it was because of the way she curled it.

I went to pay her with a credit card and their computers were still down. So I had to walk to the other side of the mall to get cash and come back to pay her. The whole time, she talked and moved as if it required all of her strength.

I went to work, and no one noticed. That doesn't surprise me, there are a lot of jerks in my office!

When I got home, I played with it, trying to straighten it out, and there was no use. I thought that I just had to give it some time. When my mom asked about it (who was terrified that I was getting it cut), I said, "well, it's a little shorter than I wanted, but it's cute and it will grow."

Well, it has been about 5 days. It's not cute. I think I look like a boy that needs a haircut! And this terrifies me! I'm about to move to a new place, meet new people and I look like a damn boy!

I tried playing with it today, curling it, straightening it, anything I could think of... luck. It's short! It's not like the picture I showed. And I hate it! I have been scarred, I'm sure!

Posted by Sissy at September 24, 2005 07:30 PM | TrackBack

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One, we need a before and after picture!
Two, we all have had haircuts from hell.
It took me 9 years to get my hair to grow down to my bra strap. I wanted it long for my senior portrait from college. Two months before the picture, my boyfriend's cousin, who was a hair dresser BUTCHERED me up to just below my ears!
I have never gotten over it!

Posted by: Sue at September 24, 2005 08:13 PM

I have had a lot of "bad haircuts" in my day. I have had the same stylist now for the past 4 years, she still manages a good screwup about 1 time every six months....

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at September 24, 2005 10:27 PM

Oof!! I've had that happen... My friend Rachel and I were going to the same hairstylist at Regis at one of the local malls for several months, and she kept cutting both of our hair shorter and shorter. Finally both of us decided around the same time that we wanted to grow our hair longer for a while, and both of us told her that at our respective hair appointments. What did we get? I got the shortest haircut I've had since 8th grade, and Rachel got something almost as short.

We both decided to go elsewhere from then on.

Posted by: songstress7 at September 25, 2005 02:07 AM

Get some magazines or look online or even go to an expensive stylist and see if they can give you some ideas on how to work with your hair. You may not like it, but you can give it a 'feminine' look. I am so sorry to hear that happened. I hate to say it, but I went to one of these 'expensive' saloons where they serve you champagne as you wait and the man cut my hair to my ears! I was not happy. But everyone complemented me the next week. I still hated it.

Posted by: vw bug at September 25, 2005 07:13 AM

Lesson #1. Never get your hair cut in a mall.

Posted by: Mike at September 25, 2005 09:30 AM

My mom thought she was saving money by going to the beauty college near us at the time.

I asked for my hair to be feathered (hey, it was the 80's). I came out with hair 1 inch long all over my head. I was 16 at the time.

I cried for weeks.

Every 6 weeks when I go to my hair stylist, which I have been going to for 15 years now, I still have nightmares the night before.

Posted by: Machelle at September 27, 2005 02:35 PM