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September 24, 2005

My Sister, the Social Butterfly

Caitlin is going to be 8 next month...going on 16! That girl is a social butterfly!

When she has neighborhood kids over, she offers them a drink and a snack and treats them like guests. She's probably been watching what my parents do.

This girl is not shy! Not one bit. If there is one pure extrovert in my family, it's her!

My stepmom volunteers at her school. Really, they should have this woman on the payroll!

While she was in the copy room, she recognized one of the women in there. She asked the woman if she lived in her neighborhood and had been doing work on her house. The woman replied yes, and realized they were just a few houses down. My stepmom said Caitlin is always looking for friends and if she minded if she came by to see if her daughter wanted to play (her daughter is in the 1st grade, Caitlin is in 3rd). The mother said sure, and that was that.

When Caitlin got out of school, my stepmom told her about the other mother and her daughter. My stepmom told Caitlin that she could go meet her on Saturday.

Today, Caitlin asked if she could go see if she could play, but my stepmom wanted to wait as they were expecting company. While my stepmom was in the shower, the company called my dad and said they couldn't make it. Caitlin asked dad if she could go and he said sure.

When Caitlin comes back, my stepmom is out of the shower and sees the other girl and says, "Hi, who are you?" The girl replies Whitney, says where she lives and they go off to play.

That wasn't the girl that Caitlin was supposed to go meet. The girl that my stepmom had talked to earlier was Asian. So, after an hour, the little girl goes home and my stepmom asks Caitlin where she went.

She replied she went to the house (where supposedly my stepmom told her to go) and said, "Hi, my mom met you yesterday at school and told me I could come meet your daughter!"

Obviously, there was a miscommunication in what house they were talking about. (No worries, they live in a very good neighborhood)

My stepmom is dying laughing that my little sister has the nerve to just knock on someones door and ask someone she's never met if they want to play.

Caitlin was excited that she could go to another house and meet another little girl! So, Caitlin goes to the correct house and gets to meet the girl my stepmom originally had intended her to meet!

I can only imagine what Caitlin is going to be when she grows up. She is so extroverted, driven and smart (and even a smart ass sometimes), that there is no telling what she'll do! She cracks me up!

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